Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Vogue 1088

This is a 2009 Donna Karan pattern for Vogue.  It's a halter style dress with a collar and collar band, a fly button bodice front closing and unusual draping pockets that creates a "belt" that attaches in the back.

Front view with the draping pockets
The draping pockets are supposed to have a welt pocket inside of them, but I decided not to do this.  Mainly because I didn't think I would actually use the pockets - I feel they are more of a design feature rather than a functional pocket.  Due to the openness of my pocket, if one was to try and pick pocket me, they would be tickling my leg rather than pulling out wads of money!

Back view

The portion of the pattern that creates the drape in the pocket, also has an extension they call a "belt" that attaches in the back.  This creates another interesting design feature in the pattern.

Close up of the back with the pocket "belts" that attach in the back.

This pattern has lots and lots of topstitching.  I went thru two spools of thread for the entire dress.

Lots and lots of topstitching in this pattern

Overall, I love the style and the fit.  I will probably sew this again, maybe in a print next time (and not do so much topstitching!)  Also, I will not do the fly button front.  Instead, I'll change it to a regular front closing and highlight some fancy buttons!

Happy Sewing!

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