Friday, November 8, 2013

Butterick 5889

This blouse started out as a "Brown Bag Challenge" from my local sewing guild chapter.  What's a Brown Bag Challenge you ask? Well, I'll tell you! 

At one of our monthly meetings, there were a bunch of brown bags in the middle of the table - each sealed so you can't see the contents.  Each member selects a bag and the goal is to make something (anything!) from the treasure you found in the bag.  We did have some trading going on this year and I ended up with this fabric.  You had two months to work on your project and then it was show time!

My brown bag fabric, pattern and matching linen

I did drag my feet a bit with this challenge.  The main reason was because I couldn't decide on the pattern.  I knew I wanted a blouse out of the fabric and I already had the red linen in my stash that matched perfectly for a skirt. So after about a month of putting it off, I finally decided Butterick 5889 would be the lucky winner.

Needless to say, I didn't like mine at all!
After sewing the whole thing together, I hate it!  This had to be one of the worst patterns ever!  I cut out a size extra small and it was huge!!!  And I mean huge!  I had to take in the center front 4 inches each side (for a total of eight inches) just in the front.  If I didn't the neckline would have hit somewhere near my bra band in the front.  I know it's meant to be oversized, but this is ridiculous!  I can still pinch in way more than 5 inches each side. 

Also, I lengthened the whole blouse by 4 inches. Thank goodness I did that, or it would have been way, way to short. 

I decided to cut the facings out of the linen skirt fabric and turn them to the front to add a little interest.  In turning them, I wanted a bit of the sheer fabric to show so it would look like mini piping along the edge - I think that turned out ok.  Also, I like the green buttons on the red linen down the front.  Hang on, did I just say I liked something about this top?

This view doesn't look so bad, but I still don't like it
After making the sleeve placket and sewing on the bands, they were too tight to close!  I almost gave up at this point.  I contemplated cutting the sleeves just above the plackets and doing something else, but I decided after all that work of sewing them on, I wasn't about to cut them off!  Instead, I decided to sew the two ends of the bands together by hand and embellish with some more of those green buttons!  Now, it's a design feature!

Rescued the sleeve bands!
What I couldn't understand is when I wore this to work (on the show and tell day for our meeting), everyone loved it!  I even had one person even say it's the best thing they have ever seen that I've made.  After I told them I didn't like it and probably wouldn't wear it again, they couldn't understand why I didn't like it.  Of course I explained why and everything that is wrong with it, but they didn't care - they thought it looked great. 

And as the day went on, more and more compliments were coming my way. I was starting to feel a bit ill!  What were they thinking! I just can't understand what everyone likes about it.  Honestly, this blouse has been worn once and is now in the Charity Shop pile. 

Another view - not any better in this view

Then, that evening, it was time for show and tell at the meeting.  And again, everyone loved it!  I must be going crazy!  I told of the horrible pattern, the fitting issues, the compliments I received at work, etc., and people still liked it.  I just don't get it!  Me and this blouse were never meant to be.  

Am I trying to do a backbend or something in this pic?

Until next time,
Happy Sewing!

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  1. I often shake my head at what other people like too. I agree with you that this is completely shapeless and not very flattering on you. I do think you did a great job with the details--the sleeve bands are cleverly done and could look really cool on another top. Your first photo is awesome. :)