Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sewing Organization Tip #2

Today's tip is for organizing fabric scraps.  By scraps I mean fabric pieces that aren't quite big enough to make another garment, but are still cool enough to keep for something.

I've had an alteration business for a number of years and have accumulated alot of scraps.  For some reason, I just can't bear to throw away those wonderful fabric cut off from prom dress hems or other fabulous garments.  I know one day I will use them for something!

Well after a few years of alterations, they were starting to create a big heap in the corner of my sewing room so I came up with a solution.  IKEA!

I bought two bookshelves with matching boxes and now my scraps have a home.  Each box contains a different color and now when I just need a little something for a embellishment or a small project, I head to the scrap box and pick out something fabulous!

I hope this tip will come in handy for you as well!  Tomorrow's tip - Getting a grip on your trims.

Happy Sewing!

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