Saturday, January 25, 2014

Vogue 2949

Here we have a Sandra Betzina jacket pattern for Vogue - Pattern Number 2949.  I made this a few years ago but since I seem to be on a big collar fetish lately, I thought I would post this one now.  

This is a very unstructured jacket.  There is no interfacing, no buttons, no buttonholes.  Also, I opted to not include the facings because I wanted the reverse side of the fabric to show on the collar. It does hang a little floppy but I think that just adds to the jacket's unique character.  Sometimes I opt to wear a decorative pin to hold it closed in the front and other times I just leave it open, like below.

The fabric is a cotton, reversible waffle weave that I can't remember where I purchased it.  

I sewed the wrong sides together on the sleeves and the back where the two rectangular flaps are added. Then, I bound all of the seams with a knit fabric in my stash.  You might recognize the knit from another project.  Stay tuned though, I have a little bit of that fabric left so you might see it soon in another project.  Here is a close-up of the fabric and the bound edge.

For the sleeve, I left the original length of the sleeves on the pattern (which was about 4 inches too long) and allowed that to just fold back on itself to form a cuff.  This way, the reverse side of the fabric shows and matches the collar. Here's the sleeve without the cuff turned back.

All of the bound corners on the jacket have a mitered edge.  Here's a pic of one of the rectangular flaps on the jacket back.

I think the side view of the jacket shows how drapey the fabric is.

On the jacket lower back, there are two rectangular pieces that are sewn to the jacket back and front pieces.  Again, I opted to sew them wrong sides together and bound that edge as well.  The bound edges on the sleeve kind of remind me of the ridge on a dinosaur's back!

I hope you like it.  I remember it did take me awhile to decide which side of the fabric I wanted to show on the outside because I liked both sides so much.  I think the darker circle side worked best though because it coordinates with the knit fabric on the bound edges.

Happy Sewing!


  1. what a great jacket! and super use of fabrics...

  2. A beautiful jacket, Star! And what a gorgeous fabric!

  3. I love this jacket - loose, relaxing and comfy. So easy to wear with so many things. Congrats. Cheers, Karen