Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 1st Birthday!

It's been almost a month since I last posted but alot has been happening in my life.  Between two - week long vacations and one week of sickness in between, it seems I've had little time to squeeze in some much needed sewing.  But, it's time to celebrate now!  I'm celebrating my 1st year of blogging!  

I remember when I finally committed to starting a blog, I decided to take the week off of work.  It just happened to be over 100 degree temperatures all that week which was far to hot for getting yard work done, but left lots of time for sitting in front of the computer, clad in shorts and a bikini top, fan blowing away, with my Blogging for Dummies book in hand, to finally get started.

I was so excited after my first post! I figured it wouldn't be long before I had a bunch of followers and was posting every day.  How wrong I was!

I have learned a ton over the past year and am continuing to learn every week.  Some things I have discovered about myself over the past year include:
  • I'm not Wonder Woman (although I do secretly fancy making that costume one year!)  It's hard to hold down a full time job, have a side business of doing alterations, and try to get your own sewing and posting done in between.   
  • I'd like to do more tutorial posting and will try hard over the next year to accomplish that.  That was one of my main reasons for starting a blog, but I seem to have forgotten that.
  • Take more pictures!!!!  I get so involved in what I'm sewing at the moment that I often forget to take pictures along the way and then think - "Oh, that would have been a good technique to share with everyone" after it's too late.
  • Become more active with other blogs and bloggers.  I subscribe to quite a few blogs and love getting posts from everyone.  There are so many talented sewers out there and it's fun to share ideas and comments.
  • I commented to my husband on our last vacation that I don't get enough time to sew and would like to change that. From now on, Wednesday nights after I get home from work are sewing time.  He's agreed to cook dinner and take care of everything so I can sew!  What a good Hubbie!
Thanks everyone for following me over this past year.  Hopefully you have learned a few pointers from some of my sewing projects.  Stay tuned - this near year is going to be great!

Until next time - Happy Sewing!


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