Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Pockets to Go Notion Cube

This past Saturday, I attended a workshop to make the Atkinson Design Pockets To Go notions cube. I've been meaning to make this cube for awhile now, but this workshop finally gave me the push I needed to get it done.

We were required to have already purchased the pattern and have all of our pieces pre-cut, pressed and labeled before the workshop.  All of the labels and cutting instructions were also provided separately by our instructor.  I selected the three fabrics below from my stash for the cube.  

Our instructor did a fantastic job with the class.  She had an example, both in pictures and in actual fabric of every step in the process - I mean every step.  If you were lost or confused, she was right there to guide you through the sewing process.  If you needed a visual - you could check out the examples on the tables set-up in the center of the room.  There was a sewn example for each step in the process.  I didn't count the total, but I would guesstimate there were 30+ examples - you could tell our instructor had put in many, many hours of work for this class.  The examples and instructions were excellent.  

The class was scheduled to be 6 hours long, but our group was so quick - we finished in 4 hours - and that included a lunch break!

I am very happy with my little cube and look forward to making a few more for friends.
Here's the outside - with two zippered pockets (one on each opposing side).

And the inside with more slotted pockets.

These were all fabrics from my stash so of course I'm going to count these into my total as well!

Cube total yardage - 1 yard total
YTD total: 19 yards!!


Happy Sewing everyone!


  1. This is really cute ! I'm going to suggest for my Gourmet Sewing Club . We on,y meet for 4 hours including lunch - is that doable ? I could see it for makeup , baby items etc etc etc .

    1. Thanks MaryEllen. Yes. If everyone has everything cut out and pressed prior to the class, everyone should either finish or come very close to finishing.

  2. What a lovely idea. Anyone would be proud to have one of these on their desk. Lovely colours too :) x

  3. You did a beautiful job - I am wondering if a walking foot is required or recommended? Would you say an intermediate level sewist(?) could turn out one of these? Thanks. Lorrie

    1. Thanks Lorrie. An intermediate sewist would be able to make one of these. As far as a walking foot goes, it's very rare that I sew without the walking foot but I'm sure this could be made without one too.