Thursday, May 7, 2015

Me Made May - week of May 4 - 8, 2015

Here are my Me Made May garments for the first work week of May:

May 4 - The Monique Dress by Serendipity Studio.  I just finished this dress and this was my first time wearing it.  Not sure if I really like it yet, but I might give it another try.

May 5 - The Madeline skirt by Modkid patterns.

May 6 - Butterick 5923 Blouse.  This is made from a rayon that has a fun coffee print on it.  I have a matching coffee necklace too -  this is pure coincidence.  I am a tea drinker, not a coffee drinker.

May 7 - Vogue 8817 - A Katherine Tilton top that I lengthened to be a dress.

May 8 - New Look 6026.  I know - it's pajamas, but it's my day off on Friday so I'm going to be comfy at home!

Happy Sewing and MMM15 to everyone!


  1. it;s funny to be reading this on my Thur lol! as I'm getting ready for bed you're getting up on your sat sure glad I've got an extra day for there's much sewing to be done lol! lol! love all my bloggers from around the world & all the culuture & things that I learn, looks like you've had a great MMM week, lots of cute outfits, I pledged to one a week but so far have squeezed in two, have a great day in your pj's!

  2. My favourite is May 6th. Looks lovely on you to. Nice to see you in the monique dress too xx

    1. Thanks Dawn! I really like that blouse too.

  3. Star, I do love your style - it really works for you:). The P.J's were great as a full stop to a great selection. The Tilton top looks nice as a dress.