Sunday, February 14, 2016

February MAGAM Determined

The theme for February's MAGAM Challenge is Freaky Fearful February - meaning - sew something that scares you.

My particular sewing fear is working with lycra fabric to make workout wear.  I attempted it once, but was unhappy with the results and was a bit fearful during my yoga practice that my backside would rip out and I'd be showing off more than my inability to hold Plank for longer than a few seconds.  Well - since that time, I'm happy to say that my yoga has improved and we'll see if my sewing ability has too!

So - I guess it's time to now face that workout wear fear and give it another go.  I have several fabrics to select from already in the stash.  I have quite a bit of the black and white fabric on the left so I might use that one for my practice pair.

As far as patterns to choose from, I just purchased two new ones to try.  Kwik Sew 4163:

K4163, Misses' Racerback Tops, Shorts and Leggings

And Butterick 6295:
B6295, Misses' Bra Top, Top and Leggings

I like the cell phone pocket on the Butterick pants and the top as well, but I might start with the Kwik Sew pants first and avoid the complication of the pocket for my first try.

Anyways, just a short post today.

Wish me luck!



  1. isn't it funny how we collect fabrics we really don't like using, but manage to convince ourselves one day we will. You've got a lovely collection, and I am sure will turn out something wonderful.