Sunday, October 30, 2016

Happy Halloween! - My TV Dinner Costume is complete!

Happy Halloween everyone!  The much anticipated completion of the TV Dinner costume is finally done and here it is!  It really does look like a Turkey and Stuffing TV Dinner!

For those of you following along on the costume progress - let's review from the beginning.  Here are most of my supplies.  I needed to add a few (such as the pillow stuffing for the mashed potatoes and the laptop strap for the strap system).  Most everything else is pictured here though.

Here we have the basic shape of the tray using pool noodles, pipe insulation, cardboard and lots and lots of duct tape.

Next came the "edge" for the tray - again using more cardboard and duct tape.

Covering the tray with gray felt:

Now we are moving onto the food portion of the costume.  Here are the "Peas and Carrots".  The peas are plastic eyeballs that are about the size of the ping pong ball.  The carrots are some square reusable ice cubes.  Both of these items were found at the dollar store.  

Finished spray painting.

And into the tray, securing them with the hot glue gun.

I am surprised at how much they really do look like peas and carrots!

Next came the cranberry sauce.  This is made using the burgundy colored cellophone wrap.  I just crinkled it and glued it in place using the hot glue gun.

Next came the mashed potatoes with a pat of butter on top.  The potatoes are made from the stuffing of an old pillow I had laying around.  The pat of butter is a piece of felt. 

And voila - last but not least - the turkey and stuffing!  The turkey slices are two pieces of felt and the stuffing is made from the small foam piece, cut into squares and then "toasted" using some more spray paint.  My Swanson hat is made from cardboard covered in green felt with the Swanson's logo glued to it.

The costume is held in place around my shoulders using a strap from an old laptop bag.

I added some rope and rings secured around the pool noodles before covering it with felt.  The laptop strap just clips into place on the rings.

Here is my original inspiration for the costume:

I think I came pretty close in the end!  Happy Halloween everyone!

Until next time, Keep on Sewing!



  1. HILARIOUS and AWESOME!!!!!!!

    I cannot believe you did all that work! I love it!

  2. Wow! That turned out fabulous. I prefer my peas and carrots separate and fresh from the garden, but in this case they are my favourite part of your costume 'meal'. I'm also loving the 'cranberry sauce'. Kudos on a job very well done :)

    1. Thanks Kate! I prefer my peas and carrots separate too and fresh from the garden Is always best!

  3. Amazing costume!! It is fabulous andyou did such a great job in all of the elements.

  4. That's genius! Hope you had a great time!

    1. Thanks! It was pretty fun and, I won 1st place for best costume!