Sunday, October 9, 2016

October MAGAM determined, Pool noodle project and a Garment Bag completed

October MAGAM Determined - 

Hello everyone!  It's been over a week since my last post so I am way overdue for an update.  I've selected my "One" MAGAM project for October - which will be to make a pair of workout pants.  I know, I have tried to make workout pants before and failed miserably, but since then, I've read so many good things about the Jalie "Cora" pant, that I have a feeling this pattern just might be "The One!".

The fabric I will use for the Cora pants is some animal print poly/spandex along with some plain black spandex that I picked up during my last trip to Mill End fabrics in Reno.  The reviews I have read all say that the waist in the pattern runs small, which just might be perfect for me.  I prefer to have a tighter waist in my workout pants.  There is nothing worse that doing a few burpees and then having to keep pulling your pants up afterwards!!

Pool Noodle Project - 

I've collected all of the supplies I need for my Halloween costume this year.  Have I mentioned that at my employer - Halloween IS A BIG DEAL!!  The CEO does a company wide speech which everyone attends in full costume, everyone gets pizza for lunch and the decorations on each floor are awesome.  There are costume contests, decorating contests, pumpkin carving contests - you name it, we probably have it.  I won 1st place with my carrot costume a few years ago too!  Really no work gets done this day, but it's all in good fun.

The theme for my area this year is "TV".  So - with that being said, below are all of the supplies I need for my costume.  Do you have any ideas of what it might be?  Leave a guess below in the comments if you do.

My supplies are below:
- 2 pool noodles
- 3 pipe tubes of pipe insulation
- cardboard box
- Gray, tan and yellow felt
- Red cello wrap
- 3 sets of round eyeballs
- 1 bag of freezable ice cubes
- 2 cans of spray paint
- 1 small piece of foam used for a cushion

Garment Bag completed - 

And lastly, I finished the final item on my September Sew for 30 list of projects.  The garment bag is finally done!!  This was a pattern traced and given to me by a dear friend.  It's Butterick 4156.

It's made from a piece of cotton I've had in the stash for quite awhile.  I knew I would never make a garment out of this, but thought the print was so cute, it would be perfect for a garment bag.

Since I didn't have the pattern instructions, but the traced pattern, I had no idea of how much bias binding I needed - so I just started cutting out a bunch.  When I had a pile of what I thought would be enough, I started sewing.  In the end, I was 6 inches too short - not too bad for just guessing!  I just out another strip and finished the binding.

I added a 2 inch piece to the sides as well so I can carry more than one garment and items won't be flattened.

Here's the back view.  I sure I will get a TON of use out of this garment bag.  Each month I bring in Show and Tell items for my local sewing guild meeting and I'll no longer need to bring a clear plastic bag with me to cover my items.  Yippee!!  I'll finally have a garment bag to keep them neat and tidy while transporting.

The garment bag adds a total of 4 more yards to the Stashbustin quest - which brings my YTD Total up to 95.125 yards.  OMG - I am closing in on the 100 yard mark!!!!

That's it for me today.

Happy sewing everyone!



  1. I love your garment bag, so much lovelier than than plastic ones!! I've no idea on the costume but I'm sure it will be amazing, I wish I had a reason to make a outfit.

  2. Halloween sounds fun! Now you have teased us with your event, you will have to follow up with some photos... especially of the mystery costume! Adore your garment bag. Such pretty fabric.

  3. I am sure sooner or later you will crack the code for making workout pants. Great fabric. As for Halloween, I will wait and see. And the garment bag is fantastic - just the right fabric for it.