Sunday, December 18, 2016

November MAGAM Completed and lots of other good stuff!

It's been over a month since I last posted, but lots of good things have happened since then.

- Finished the November MAGAM

- Completed our Vow Renewal Ceremony

- Met a blogging sewing sister in person!

First - I've finally finished my November MAGAM - Simplicity 1320.

In comparison to my Pinterest inspiration garment, I think it turned out quite nice.

There are outside pockets on each side of the front.

All of the fabrics were from my stash - the black wool, the swirly wool and the polyester lining.

It's a little big thru the waist and hips, but as I plan on wearing a bulky sweater underneath it, I think that will be just fine.  I should have worn it on picture day as it was freezing outside when I snapped these pics.

The jacket has an asymmetrical front with three buttons.  You can see the pockets better in this picture.  I changed the fronts to a curved bottom rather than a straight bottom as the pattern calls for. 

Here is the asymmetrical collar.

The buttons are actually two buttons stacked together.  The tan square button on the bottom, with a different colored circular button on top.

I used elastic loops that wrap around the buttons to hold the jacket closed.

The jacket doesn't call for a lining, but I added one and didn't notice until I was sewing the buttons on how well the lining matches my buttons - that was a total coincidence.

As all of these fabrics were from the stash, this will bring my stashbustin' YTD total past the 100 yard line!

Total yardage for this jacket = 4.625 yards
Total YTD total = 100.75 yards!  Whoop!  Whoop!

Our Vow Renewal Ceremony

On November 23rd, in a tiny church built in the 13th century in Cornwall, England, we completed our 25th anniversary vow renewal ceremony.  

After traveling over 5,000 miles, I'm surprised at how well my vow renewal garment actually held up. Here we are after the ceremony and after I had dried my tears!  

Meeting my "Sewing Sister by the Sea!"

And last, but not least, during our trip to the UK, I finally had the opportunity to meet a fellow blogger and sewing friend from across the sea in person.  Everyone meet Dawn - aka The Winter Queen.

Dawn and I have been corresponding via e-mail for the last two years.  Both Dawn and myself and our husbands have so much in common, it is hard to believe - we are even dressed similarly below!

We met over drinks and lunch and both us and our husbands got to know each other better in person.  It was fantastic!  I am so happy we had the opportunity to finally meet face-to-face.  Here's to Dawn - my Sewing Sister by the Sea!

Until next time!
Happy sewing everyone!



  1. This post made me smile on SEW many levels. Don't you just love,love the Internet?

    Your stash shopping surely paid off in this project. When I grow up I will have a decent stash. 😄 All things asymetrical tickle my fancy. And you added graphics . . . sweet!!!! This MAGMAM was simply the best.

    How cool Winter Queen! She is one of my favorite sewing bloggers!!!

    Please keep up the good work on all fronts, blogging and MAGAM.

  2. Lovely to see you both together. You definitely look like Sewing sisters! To renew your vows 5000 miles away shows true dedication. I hope the weather was good to you. Happy Christmas, Trish

  3. This is such a fantastic post on so many different levels! Cool jacket! Congratulations on your sweet vow renewal!! And what fun for you and Dawn to meet in person!!!

  4. Oooh, this is such a lovely post - are you descended from Cornish folk? What a gorgeous little church you renewed your vows in. I love romance. And lucky you, meeting Dawn - and you do look like real sewing sisters - you even look a little alike. You and she do have some of the same sense of style and romance, I think, so I am so pleased you have a connection now in real life. I have met two sewing bloggers, and loved meeting them both. Happy Christmas Star.

    1. Thanks Sarah Liz. No Cornish descendents here, but my husband is British and used to go to Cornwall for vacation before we met. Merry Christmas to you too!

  5. Oh, I forgot to mention - so carried away was I with the feelings here - the jacket is absolutely stunning - the buttons just make it. I love how you always creatively work with patterns and fabric.

  6. Your jacket is so awesome! It's great that it's a little loose for you to layer other clothing inside. How amazing that you met a fellow sewist in person! Next time I travel I should try to get in touch with another blogging sewist too!

  7. I am so pleased to see "The Jacket"! As you know it was the one I was expecting you you to be wearing when we met up. It's turned out fabulously and looks great teamed with Jeans. I still have a little smile to myself when you say it's freezing there. One day you will have said it often enough I will be believe it :)

    1. Thanks Dawn. I tried to finish it in time to bring but with all of the DH's alterations he needed before vacation it just didn't happen.