Thursday, January 19, 2017

January 2017 MAGAM Determined

So I've dilly dallied a bit in posting my January MAGAM Challenge.  It's going to be this skirt:

From this book:

Out of these two fabrics:

The fabric on the left is a nice teal colored wool and the fabric on the right is a polyester I'll use for the lining.  The pattern doesn't call for a lining, but since it's wool - I'll need one because me and wool just don't get along in close proximity to each other so a lining is a must.

I've already cut out the pieces and marked them with tailors tacks and pinned on notes to each piece telling me what it is.  I can see this could get very confusing in the construction process without those notes.  Here's the front:

And here are the two back pieces:

I actually purchased this book just for this pattern so I'm hoping it will be a winner.  I'm a huge fan of asymmetrical clothing and usually the stranger the pattern, the more I like it.  This one kinda looks like ocean waves so far.  Now - it's time to get sewing on it!  Wish me luck everyone!

Happy sewing!


Sunday, January 15, 2017

A Simplicity Retro Style dress

I have always loved the style lines of the 1940's.  I've purchased numerous patterns from the era, but have yet to stitch any of them up - until now - and I'm lovin' this new dress.  This is Simplicity 1587 - a 1940's retro style dress with a shaped yoke at the waistline, slight gathering at the waist and bust with a front v-neck with pleats covered by a tab and button.  There are two sleeve styles in the pattern - a shorter gathered style, or the 3/4 length one that I selected.

The fabric I used was a rayon purchased at the ASG Sewing Garage sale last year.  I had just enough yardage to make this dress - even after adding 3 inches to the skirt length.  I sewed my normal size 12 thru the bust and shoulder area, tapering to a size 14 thru the waist and hip.  I could have just sewn a straight 12 throughout and it would have fit just fine.  It's a tiny bit roomy in the waist and hip, that I don't think it's enough to worry about.

Here's a view of the front v-neck with the tab and button.  The pattern calls for two buttons on the tab, but I liked the look of this single one, that didn't have a matching second partner anyways.

The back neck has a slit with a loop and button.  I opted to use black elastic for the loop instead of making a small tube out of the same fabric.

The back yoke at the hip is pretty much a straight piece.

The front yoke has a nice inverted v-shape to it where the skirt portion joins it with gathers.

I used a longer 22" invisible zipper for the dress too.  The pattern calls for a 16" zipper, but I figured it's hard enough to put on a dress with a side zipper so why not make it a little longer.

Total yardage for this dress came to 2.625 yards thus starting my new stashbustin' total for 2017.

Happy sewing everyone!