Friday, April 28, 2017

More Jalie Cora's

I am just loving the Jalie Cora's workout pants pattern.  Here are version #2 and #3.

Number two was created from an old pair of workout pants that was constantly falling down due to the elastic not being correct.  So I decided to cut them apart and use them in some Cora's instead. I paired the graphic print with some plain black from my stash. Here are the original pants - pretty crazy print I know.

And here they are as Cora's.  Sorry these pics are a bit crappy but you get the idea - they were taken in my closet at home after work.  And no - I don't normally workout in Birkenstocks.  After sewing each seam with the serger, I then sewed it with the coverstitch machine using Wooly Nylon in the looper to create the decorative stitching on the outside of the pants.  That took a little while to figure out, but the wooly nylon thread in the looper is the key for workout pants. 

Here's the third pair using some fabric from the stash.  These were sewn using the coverstitch machine as well, but I used regular serger thread for the decorative stitching.  Not so much luck this time.  Of course the first time I put them on, I heard a "Pop" on the side and sure enough, the serger thread had broke.  They won't fall apart as the decorative stitching was on top of the regular serger stitching, but they might look a bit thready in the future - especially if alot of squats are in the workout plan that day - yikes!  So - lesson learned here - only use Wooly Nylon if I'm doing this stitch in workout wear.  These pics were in the locker room at work post-workout so I have on my normal shoes and gloves that I wear.  

These two pants add to my stashbustin total as both were using stash fabrics for at least some portion of them.  It takes about a yard for each pair so that adds 2 yards to my total.  This bring my YTD total up to 19.25 yards.

Happy sewing everyone!  Just a quick post today!


  1. Super whacky fabrics! You have been busy.... here I am trying to keep up!