Friday, September 27, 2013

Boston's Sweater

This is a Silhouette Pattern by Peggy Sagers - The Boston's Sweater. I made this awhile ago using some fabric I already had in my stash.  It's a sweater knit (I say knit very loosely because it has very little stretch) that I got on a sale rack for $1.00 per yard.  What a deal! 

The finished garment

My bargain fabric purchase

This pattern is supposed to be made with a very stretchy knit so I needed to do a few things to accommodate the lack of stretch in my fabric:

1.  Make the next size up to allow for the lack of stretch.
2.  Increase the circumference of the arm quite a bit.  I measured my bicep and added about an inch to that measurement and altered the sleeve accordingly.
3.   Practice, practice, practice on the serger to get the stitch width and length correct.  The entire garment, except for the ties, is constructed on the serger with 3/8" seam allowances so there is no room for error!  And, the seams are supposed to come out with a ruffle look to them, but again, since my material had no stretch, I knew that wasn't going to happen. 

Back view
I think the jacket came out quite nice!  Note to self - must make a black turtleneck to match my pants better!  Would I make this pattern again - absolutely!  I've purchased some wonderful black knit - with a lot of stretch to it - to make another one.  I might do a variegated thread on the next one to highlight the seaming - not sure though - will need to practice, practice, practice on that one as well!

Front view
Happy Sewing!


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