Saturday, April 26, 2014

ASG Sewing Garage Sale

For those of you who have not experienced the American Sewing Guild Sacramento Chapter's Annual Sewing Garage Sale - you truly don't know what you are missing.  I will try to give you a brief pictorial description of our event and in the next few days, post some of the fantastic finds I purchased and my plans for them as well.

The Annual Garage Sale was held on April 12th of this year at the North Highlands Community Center. Set-up day was Friday, April 11th and I was extra excited because this was the first time I've been able to help with set-up day.  Here's how it all starts.

Boxes and boxes of already priced and labeled fabric are unloaded outside, patiently awaiting their temporary homes on the bargain tables.  ASG volunteers work countless hours in the months leading up to the sale measuring and marking donated fabric, books, notions, patterns, etc.  You name it, you'll probably find it at the sale.

More and more boxes....

Once all of the tables are set-up inside, the unloading begins.

Here's a sampling of the red and pink fabric table in the foreground, with the blue tables in the background. At one point, the blue table was stacked about 3 feet high with fabric and it was starting to fall over, so we needed to spread it out a little more.  You can see yarn, batting and a quilting hoop up against the walls, all eagerly waiting for a new home.

Here, the white fabric table in the front is starting to get higher.  And just look at the rest of the tables!  Lots of goodies for everyone!

 And the purple fabrics aren't far behind!  I wonder who will buy that whole roll?!?!

After everything is set-up, all of the wonderful ASG volunteers get a much needed rest before the crowds of people arrive early Saturday morning to start the shopping frenzy.  Below is a picture after everything is set-up and just before the doors are open to the public.  The ladies in the red shirts are all volunteers making last minute touches to entice our shoppers.

And here we are right as the doors are opened.  The middle door on the back wall is the entrance door and you can see the people starting to work their way in.

Five minutes after opening....

Ten minutes after opening...

Here we are in full swing!  Look at all of these wonderful sewers!  

And finally, nearing the end of the sale.  The tables are thinned out and some are completely empty.  After just 3 hours, it's amazing the amount of fabulous finds had by all!  

As mentioned above, the Sewing Garage Sale is an annual event for our chapter and it gets bigger and and better every year.  You do not need to be a member of ASG to attend nor to sell items.   When the event rolls around again next year, I'll include a link on this blog to the Sacramento Chapter's website to provide you with further information.  In the meantime, I need to get busy sewing myself!

Happy Sewing!