Sunday, November 2, 2014

Vogue 1331 - Sewing, cutting and embellishing the circles

Moving right along with Vogue 1331 - the next step in the process is to sew, cut and embellish all of those circles. First, remove the basting stitches at the shoulder seam so the jacket will lay flat.

Using the template I previously created, cut out some additional circles to match the various circle shapes.  Lay the template over the jacket front piece lining up all edges.

Slide one of the cut out circles underneath the larger template so it lines up with the existing circle.

Holding smaller circle, fold the larger template back out of the way and trace around the circle using a wheeled chalk marker.

Remove smaller circle and voila - you have a chalk traced circle line to sew.

Repeat this same process for all of the circles on the coat.

Once every circle is traced, sew around the chalked lines and cut out the overlay fabric, being sure not to cut the green layer underneath.

Then, it's time to start embellishing with the variegated yarn.  Here's a sneak peak of the back....

That's it for this post.  This jacket is very, very time consuming and I'm hoping to finish it by the end of this week so I can move onto something else.  So far, I'm happy with how it's turning out, thank goodness!

Until next time - Happy Sewing!

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