Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June MAGAM Finished - Just under the wire!

I finally finished my June MAGAM!  We have been super busy this month with our remodeling project and I'm thankful that I had something easy to sew this month.

This is Vogue 8596 - made from a rayon floral from the stash.

I have a feeling this blouse will only be worn a few times.  The sleeves are a little snug and I ended up letting them out 1/2" and they are still snug.  This causes them to ride up a little bit which makes the neckline a little fussy.  So - we'll just have to wait a see.  It's far to hot this week to attempt a trial run with the blouse - with temps at 108 degrees, there is no way I'm wearing anything with sleeves!

Here's the back view.

I added baby yellow ric rac to both the sleeves and and neckline.

 Close up of the sleeves

Here's the neckline.

A short post for today.

Total yardage for the blouse = 2.375
Total YTD stashbustin' fabric sewn = 36.5 yards

Happy sewing everyone!


  1. It is a pretty blouse, and I was wondering what the problem was - too tight sleeves don't make it good to wear. It's a pity, because it is otherwise lovely. 108 degrees - I used to live in a climate like that too - bit too warm to do anything really.

  2. If you have any left over bits you could just add an inch or so in a strip underneath. It's such a lively pattern that I'm sure it wouldn't show too much. Seems a pity to give up on it as it's a nice blouse. Not for 108F though! Phew! That's hot. TS

    1. Thanks. That is a good idea about adding in a little fabric to the arm. Unfortunately, I've already thrown out all of the leftover scraps from this project so I'll just have to put up with the snug sleeves.

  3. Oh Star, too bad it has fit 'issues' cause it's adorable. Love the Rick rack detail and style. Im a sucker for peasant blouses! Come to think of it , I had a similar experience with a similar style and it just seamed like an odd place for there not to be enough wiggle room. I hope you find some one to gift it to. Stay cool, I can't even go in my sewing room right now, it's an oven!

  4. I love that style of sleeve. Pity they dont fit right, but no point feeling uncomfortable. Your temperatures would be uncomfortable enough for me let alone too tight sleeves as well! Pretty blouse though, I like it :)x

  5. Too bad it doesn't fit right - it is really adorable!

  6. Very cute. A woman your perfect size should not have to be adding width to a sleeve. There is something wrong with the draft here. I have found I need to add to a lot of sleeves lately as well. At first I thought it was my aging bod but I have seen numerous comments on the web, like yours, about the width of sleeves. What's going on?
    The last top I made I had to add a gusset under the sleeve to make it wearable, It had that snug feeling like yours, so maybe that would help. Now my top is very comfortable.

    1. Thanks Bunny for the vote of confidence here and the gusset idea. Unfortunately, I have already tossed all of the scraps so I can't do a matching gusset.