Sunday, August 28, 2016

August MAGAM Completed - Butterick 5608

Hi everyone!  Just a quick post today - I've finished my August MAGAM and wanted to show it before I wear it tomorrow and it gets all wrinkly!  The blouse is Butterick 5608 and the simple elastic waist skirt is New Look 6762.

I made View A of the blouse - this view has a smaller drape around the shoulder area, bust darts that start at the neckline and end at the bust point and almost full length darts in the back.  The shoulder drape starts and ends in the dart lines.  

Image result for Butterick 5608

Here's the back view.  You can't really see the dart lines because of my busy print, but you can see where the drape finishes in the back.

Close-up of the front - can you see where the darts end?

Overall, I really like this top.  I made a size 10 and I think the fit is perfect.  There is no zipper, so it just pulls over your head.  The construction of the facings was an interesting process - not hard, just a different way to sew them.  The front and back facings incorporate the armhole facings too so you have two large pieces to work with.  First, you sew the neckline facings all around, trim, understitch the press to the inside.  Next, you flip the armhole facings to the outside, right sides together and sew from the back notch, thru the underarm seam to the front notch and trim, understitch and press to the inside.  Next, you hand sew the remaining sleeve cap area.  It actually made alot of sense when it was finished, but it was a little more hand sewing than I was anticipating.  I shortened the length by 2 inches.

The skirt is just an elastic waist A-line skirt that really doesn't need much elaboration so I'll just leave it at that.

For the stashbustin totals - here we go!

Blouse = 1.5 yards
Skirt = 1.5 yards
Total YTD = 74.125

That's it for today!  I'm working on cutting out alot of my September Sew for 30 projects and will post them in a few days.  I'm hoping to get ALOT of things sewn with the challenge.

Happy sewing everyone!


  1. Cute top! I like the gathers for the sleeve attachment.

  2. I don't think I have seen the NL top pattern yet - it's pretty, with the interesting collar. It's always fun learning a new technique. I do like the skirt - can't beat these simple garments that go with all sorts of tops.

    1. The top pattern is Butterick. It's the skirt that is new look. I really like the top. I might make it up in a black with a white drape. I think that would look quite striking.

  3. Lovely combination! These look lovely.