Wednesday, May 24, 2017

McCall's 7119 - A complete disaster!

Do you ever make something that is so awful that you don't even want to comment on it?  This is one of those garments.  When I saw McCall's 7119 in the pattern book, I thought "That's kinda cute, and I have some linen I think will work with it".  I could not have been more wrong.  I was so wrong in fact, that I won't even show you pictures of me in the dress, it is that terrible.  But here it is on the dress form in all of it's unflattering glory.

For those of you thinking it's not too bad, let me list it's unflattering qualities:
  • My pasty-white skin matches this linen color so perfectly that from a distance, it looks like I'm only wearing a blue belt and some strange v-neck contraption.  
  • The hi-low skirt option isn't working for me at all - and it flys open in the front with just the slightest breeze.
  • The bust area is completely wrong.  It needs another dart or something as it gaps in the front between the armhole and the center front.
  • The linen I used is a little too thick so it doesn't drape well.
  • The back portion of the hem catches in my shoes when I walk.
  • It kinda looks like an apron!
  • It's just YICKY!

Doesn't get any better with the side view!

The back bunches up so much on me, I look like a Shar Pei!

See that flap there on the bottom portion - bad idea!

Are there any redeeming qualities about this dress?  Just a few that I can think of:
  • This dress did use up 3.5 yards out of my stash, thus bringing my YTD total to 27.625 yards.
  • Some "lucky" person will be getting a brand new dress as it's in the donate pile as I write this.  I thought it was better to donate rather than add more garbage to the landfill.  
  • Both the dress and the pattern are now out of my life!!  
Can you tell I didn't like this?

Better luck with the next garment I guess.  Oh well - you win some and you lose some.

Happy sewing everyone!



  1. So glad you got that out of your system... thanks for the honest post. Those of us who have more wadders than successes deeply appreciate that skilled artists also occasionally have undesirable outcomes. Congrats at least on stash numbers moving in the right direction

  2. We all have these moments. For example, I have made more than one top that ended up looking like hospital scrubs. As you said, your dress resembles an apron. Rather than donating it, have you considered remaking it into one? Although the fabric combo failed for this dress, I think it would be adorable as an apron, and there should be enough fabric.

    1. Thanks Ann. I already have 3 different aprons I use so I really don't need another one, but that's a good idea. Hopefully it will work for whomever ends up buying it from the thrift store.

  3. Blergh. I hate when that happens. It was funny to read though! LOL!!

    Sometimes a pattern just doesn't work!

  4. Sometimes it feels better just to have a good old rant about something doesnt it? I dislike/cant wear wrap dresses for the same "gape" reason. Pity you dont like it but I agree, you win some lose some.

  5. Yes, happens to us all sometimes. But that dress is now out of your system, so that is that. Looks a little too pastel for you - you need the stronger, brighter colours with your colouring. Icky colours are for mid tone skin like mine. So sending it off is the best thing to do. Onwards Star....

    1. Thanks Sarah Liz. I agree with the brighter colors, I am much happier in them.

  6. Sorry your garment didn't come out the way you wanted. It looked good on the dressform though! There is so much material that you can easier make a dress for a child and a tunic (mix with other fabrics that you feel are more flattering on you) for youself.

    1. Thanks Lovenicky, but it's already been donated.