Saturday, July 22, 2017

June MAGAM Sewalong - a very delayed post

Life has been very, very busy as of late and I am waaayyy behind in keeping the blog up to date.  So - if you please bear with me, I'll be playing catch up over the next few posts.  First off, is the finished garment for the June MAGAM challenge.  It has truly been so long that I can't remember what the theme for June was (sorry Sarah Liz!), but this is the garment that I made.

Do you recognize the fabric?  It was a recent purchase at this year's  ASG Sewing Garage Sale.  It was a steal at 2 yards for $4.00!  Do you recognize the pattern?  It is Simplicity 2369 that I have made once before. Amazingly enough, I actually stuck with the exact dress pattern I originally planned on using for this fabric! I first made this dress back in 2014 in a black and white circle print you can see here.

It looks pretty homely just hanging on the dress form....

I extended the tie lengths this time to make it easier to tie.

I love the fit of the back too - it's nice and smooth.  One day I'll learn how to take a straight photo!

Overall, for a wrap dress (actually it's more of a mock-wrap dress), this is a super comfy dress to wear and the front wrap doesn't gap open at all.  This will be a pattern that I will make over and over again - this is just version 2!

Stashbustin stats:
This dress = I only had 2 yards and I used every bit of it!
YTD yardage = 34.625

Happy sewing everyone!


  1. Pretty fabric and now a gorgeous dress!

  2. The fabric totally sells this! And what a bargain too. I like knee length on you, its very flattering :)