Friday, July 28, 2017

Vogue 9169 and The Sewing Workshop Urban Pants - May MAGAM Challenge Project #2

This was the 2nd part of my May MAGAM project.  The top is Vogue 9169 - View A and the pants are the Sewing Workshop Urban Pant.

The t-shirt pattern looked like it had great potential from the pic on the envelope - an asymmetrical hemline, a bit of interest on the side - all characteristics that are right up my sewing alley.

Yet when I saw what it was happening on my backside after completing the blouse, I had other ideas....  Far too much pulling and tugging happening on the booty portion for me.  I could just picture the lighter knit fabric flapping around as I walked - that would not be a pretty sight!

The front didn't look too bad...

But I decided to cut it off to avoid the flap action happening in the back.  You can see where I pinned it below to mark the new hemline.

The bamboo tie dye fabric I purchased at Vogue Fabrics while in Chicago last year.  The coordinating print I had in the stash - it was purchased at the ASG Sewing Garage sale back in 2015.  I still have a few remaining pieces to sew from that year.... Oh well - they will keep aging in the stash.  The straight hem looks much better - no flapping about and I still have the interest of the side panel showing - so not a complete loss.

As for the Sewing Workshop Urban Pants - they are a cute style, but the crotch is way, way too low.  Not that I hike my leg up like this all of the time, but even with just a slight walking forward motion, it starts to pull in the front.  

On the plus side, I really like the interest at the bottom hemline.  There are no side seams in these pants - instead, the back piece wraps around to the center of the front leg and that forms the "side seam" if you will.  There are two panels sewn to the bottom edge with a loop and a button, creating the fun little opening at the bottom. No pockets although you might be able to engineer some small ones into the front seams, or just do patch pockets.

For an elastic waist pant - they don't look half  bad from the back - I just need to work on the front crotch line for my next pair.  The waistband is interesting on these pants. The elastic starts at the center leg seam and goes around the back to the other center leg seam leaving about a 10 inch section in the front of the pants completely flat.  

The white linen for these pants was left over from the Flint pants I made for the month of May too.  Will I make these pants again - maybe - just need to figure out the crotch issue.  

Here are  my stashbustin stats for these two garments:

T-shirt: 1.5 yards
Urban Pants: 1.66 yards
Total YTD = 37.785 yards

Happy sewing everyone!



  1. A great solution to the bottom flapping piece - I agree, this top is much better without that distraction! Great fabric, and I do love those pants - but yes, what a funny front crotch - they are always lower on wider pants, but these seem too low.

  2. I think you rescued the top quite well. No flapping! And love your fabric choices. The tie dye really makes this top pop!