Saturday, October 12, 2013

Butterick 5923

Butterick 5923 is destined to be one of my favorite blouse patterns.  The pattern comes with 3 views - a short blouse, like I have made below, a longer mid-thigh length tunic or an above the knee length dress.  I can see myself making all three views. 

Since my fabric has a directional print to it, I wondered when I was cutting everything out if this would matter.  I think it turned out ok though.  I love the cowl neck drape effect on the blouse front. 

Front View

The blouse front is constructed of 3 different pieces, the front drape, pictured below, which is cut on the bias.  There is also a separate collar which makes the styling of this blouse quite unique. 

Front bias piece of blouse

The 2nd piece that makes up the front is called a "stay" pictured below.  The 3rd piece, which I don't have a photo of, is the bottom panel, cut on the straight of grain.  The stay has a finished front edge that will show underneath the front bias drape when constructed.

The front stay piece
Below is how the front bias piece and the stay are combined together to make up the front of the blouse.  The stay does exactly what it sounds like - it helps the front bias piece to "stay in place" so when you bend over, you don't have this huge gaping front.  It actually works quite well.

Front and stay combined
Here's a view of the back.  The only pattern piece cut on the bias is the front drape - the rest of the pieces are cut on the straight of grain.  There is elastic around the waist along with a belt. 

Back view

My fabric has a coffee theme to it and finally, I can wear my little coffee cup necklace!  I purchased it years ago and it has been in my jewelry box just waiting for the right fabric.  Considering I've had this fabric in my stash for probably as long as the necklace, you would have thought I would have made something sooner!
Coffee necklace
You can barely see the collar in this side view.  The collar would be more prominent if my print wasn't so busy, or, if I did a contrasting collar and belt - now there's a thought for another blouse!
Side view
The sleeves roll up and are held with a tab and button.  I did my usual button stacking technique.  For some reason, I just can't bear to use one little button on it's own - I think they look much better with a coordinating friend!  You can see the print on my fabric much better in this pic. 

Close up of sleeve
I hope you will consider making this blouse.  It's quite comfortable to wear and I'm sure I will get years of wear out of it. 

Happy Sewing!


  1. Great looking top! I like the look of the design.

  2. Bought fabric for this top today!!

  3. Very nice.

    Mary in Thailand

  4. I just purchased this pattern and have pulled it out to look at the pattern pieces. Has me stumped as I will be sewing a 14 and seems that the bust point noted on the pattern is very high. I'm puzzled as to how to lower it since it falls within the armhole (?) Since this has plenty of ease, perhaps I need not worry about changing anything. I'll to a muslin first. Thanks for the review on PR and the link to your blog.