Sunday, January 5, 2014

Make a Garment a Month Challenge

I've joined the Make a Garment a Month Challenge.  Here's my January project:

It's Vogue 1052 - an Issey Miyake pattern from 2008.  I will be making the jacket from the teal fabric, but I can't decide which lining to use?  The circle one leftover from my last project or the cherry print one?  What do you think?   Please leave me a comment with your lining preference.  I will start cutting this out next weekend.

Also - stay tuned each day this week as I will be posting different ways to organize your sewing stuff.  Thanks everyone and Happy Sewing!



  1. I "pick" the cherry fabric!

  2. The circles! They caught my eye next to the teal fabric.

  3. I thought the cherries yesterday, now I think the circles. I think the circles will also go with the rounded shape of the flounce, and be a little more grown up - and this top is quite sophisticated.