Friday, January 3, 2014

Vogue 8817

Sometimes you just need a break from making something complicated (such as my last posting) and make something quick and easy.  So this was the project.  This Vogue pattern 8817 by Katherine Tilton.  There are three different tops in the pattern, but I choose view C.  It has a high/low hemline which is very trendy at the moment.  It's a knit blouse made from 3 different fabrics and it is very comfortable to wear.

My fabrics include two from my stash (the very top piece and the black) and the bottom fabric which I recently purchased at Hart's Fabrics in Santa Cruz.  All fabrics are a stretchy knit.  The bottom one, however, is a bit sheer, so I need to wear a tank underneath it unless I want everything showing!

Front view

Here's the back.  The black band doesn't extend around to the back which I find a bit odd. If I make another one, I will modify the pattern to include a black band back here as well.

I made a size 14 on top, tapering to a size 12 on the sides.  I ended up taking in the sides about 2 inches from the waist down - there was just way, way too much fabric.

Back view
There was a bee pursuing me during this photo shoot.  I think the picture turned out kind of funny though so I thought I would throw it in as well.

Where did that bee go?

 Here's the side view.  You can see the high/low hemline better in this picture.

I've entered the "Make a Garment a Month Challenge" so stay tuned for updates on that as well.

Happy Sewing!