Tuesday, September 1, 2015

My September Sew for 30 Plan

I have a plan and I plan to work it!  With a camping vacation coming up in a few days, I have broken out my projects between vacation time and back home time.

Here's my plan:

For vacation:
  • Finish handwork on Christmas ornaments
  • Work on Cross stitch Christmas ornaments
  • Rip out side seams on batik skirt
  • Look at sewing magazines that have been piling up for awhile and going unread
  • Determine my September MAGAM Challenge  

Back home sewing:
  • Finish the red polka dress that has been hanging on my rack for months
  • Alter the batik 2 piece set into a pair of pajamas.  This I think has been on the rack for over a year!
  • Squeeze in one more summer dress.  Yes - I know it's September, but our weather here doesn't start turning "fallish" until mid to late October.
  • Sew September MAGAM Challenge
Time to get sewing!

Happy sewing everyone!



  1. Lucky you. Our weather started autumnal leanings at the end of August. Makes me want to cry! Back to woolly jumpers soon. Good luck with all your projects. You are very industrious �� TS

    1. Thanks! I wish that our weather would turn fallish sooner but it never happens.

  2. Very impressed with your sewing plans good luck with them

  3. Oh my, not only did you mention the "C" word, you are preparing for it also!! I've just realised it's only just over 3 months away.....!
    Hope you're doing well checking things off that list!!! x

    1. Hi Dawn. Yes, slowly checking things off of the list.