Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Sew '16 Challenge

Emily at Hungarian Housekeeping is starting a challenge for 2016 and you are welcome to join in. Click on over to her site for more details but here is the basic run down - complete at least 16 of the 20 challenges listed below.


My main focus will be to rid my sewing room of the Aliens!  They are starting to take over....  It could be that my room is painted green and that is what is attracting them - I'm not sure, but they really need to go.  Here are my current aliens waiting to be completed:

You may recognize this fabric.  It previously was a dress that I only wore a few times because I felt like a circus tent.  I really like the fabric though so I've saved the skirt portion (and the piping) and will pair it with a new top for a new combination.

A men's jacket?  Yep - that's what it is.  It will be turned into a tote bag and a tutorial.  More to come on this one.

This was a dress I purchased from target.  I removed the skirt and have pinned on a new pleated cotton one to the bottom.  I either need to finish it, or chuck it out.

Ahh - this frustration....  The red pintucked Vogue dress.  This was the MAGAM Challenge dress from February 2014 - yes - 2014.  All I need to do is take in the invisible zipper in the back, finish the neck edge, sleeve hem and bottom hem and it's done.

Hmm.  This was an XXXL skirt that I altered to fit me.  It's perfectly wearable at the moment, I just think it's missing something.  Some fancy bias swirls on the bottom would do the trick......

This top I wear frequently in the summer, but has started to bug me and yes, it is the same as the skirt fabric above (I really liked the fabric so I bought alot!).  The armholes have always been snug and they need to be deepened.  Also - some of the buttons on the top need to be resewn.  A quick fix, I just need to do it.

You might recognize this fabric too.  It was from this dress, that I only wore once or twice.  I don't want to get rid of it though because I really like the fabric.  So - I've ripped the skirt from the bodice and need to just finish the skirt and make a top to match and I'll have a new outfit.

Another alteration needed.  I've worn this top a few times, but the neckline tie always bugs me so it needs to be redone somehow.

So here they are in all of their alien glory (not including the aliens lurking in the closet!).  The plan is to complete at least one alien a month along with a MAGAM garment and another item on the Sew '16 Challenge list.  2016 is going to be busy!!!

Happy sewing everyone!



  1. Goodness thats a lot of UFO's!!! I'm a completer finisher and like organisation, so I never start anything until present item is completed (unless its a bit of hand sewing or something!) Make yourself finish all of the above before cutting something new (not that im telling you off or anything.....!!) :) x

    1. Oh my! I hope to stick to those standards once I complete everything. I've already cut out something new to work on in conjunction with an alien project!