Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Renewing our vows...renewing my dress. I need your ideas!

I need your ideas.  This post is a bit sentimental so get out the tissue in advance if you need it!  

Later this year, my husband and I will celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary.  I can't believe we've been married that long, but it's true.

My husband is from England.  We met on St. Patrick's Day, in Dublin Ireland.  I was going to school in London and ventured to Ireland with my flatmates to see what happens on St. Patrick's Day.  Well - I happened to meet my future husband there who was touring with a rugby team from the UK.  

After dating for a few weeks in the UK, I had to fly back home to California.  The future husband came over to visit a few months later for 3 weeks holiday and proposed marriage the last day he was here (how cheeky was that!).  Anyways, after him flying back home to the UK and dealing with various obstacles to make the international move, my Mom and I planned the entire wedding in California for later that same year.   

The wedding itself was a rather large affair with lots of guests, a horse and carriage and the whole lot. I'm getting to the point here of where your ideas are needed.   

A few months ago I mentioned to the DH that our 25th anniversary was coming up and we should do something to celebrate it.  I suggested a vow renewal in England this year to celebrate this occasion and believe it or not, he actually liked the idea!

So - here's where your ideas are needed  - finally!!

Below is a picture from our wedding.  Ahh - don't we look so young!  

For the renewal, it will be just the two of us in a small church.  No attendees, no choir, no attendants, just the two of us and the reverend to perform the ceremony.

I'd like to use my original wedding gown, which you can see above, to make something to wear for the vow renewal.  And here's where your ideas are needed.

I'm seeking ideas on how I can turn my original wedding gown into something else, but I have a few conditions:

1.  When we travel, we only take a small carry-on suitcase per person, so it must be able to fit in that suitcase, along with the rest of my travel clothes. I don't want to travel with a separate case of some sort to house the "renewal garment".
2.  I'm looking for something simple yet appropriate for the occasion.  As you can see, I have alot of yardage to work with here, so I'm game for any ideas you have!

I have a few ideas of my own, but I'd like to see what my lovely readers have before I cut into the original gown.

Thanks everyone!
I look forward to your input and ideas!



  1. Maybe sleeveless dress with a jacket that incorporates the lace inserts on the back and the sleeves? Can't wait to see what your final choice is.

  2. If your dress is silk, the fabric could easily be acid or cellulose dyed any color. You could select a dress pattern, cut large pieces, allowing for shrinkage, from it. Be sure to do some tests for shrinkage and dye color. There could even be some shibori stitching.

    1. Thanks Sherry. I can't remember the fabric content but dye is a good idea! Thanks !

  3. Wow, what a charming idea! You two do look *so* young!

  4. That photo is wonderful! I love the sleeves of your gown. Maybe a simple dress with the gown used as lining? It would make you secretly smile...

    1. Thanks Denise! Love to have secret things on the inside.

  5. A short dress which is longer at the back would be lovely, but I am thinking as you like full skirts, a knee length full skirt with fitted bodice using that lace? but in the back of my mind is our westerly winds....! You will probably need a jacket or cover up of some sorts too. It will be very cold here in November!

    1. Good ideas! I'm thinking of some sort of jacket and it will definitely be a short skirt of some description. Lots of ideas swirling around in my head!