Friday, June 17, 2016

June MAGAM Plans - Butterick 5612

It's more than half way thru June and I have yet to post my June MAGAM Challenge Plans.  This month will be a two-fer!  Bonus!  I'll be making Butterick 5612 - the dress version.  This now Out-of-Print pattern has been on the sewing list for quite a long time!

I'll be using a light blue fabric that has been in the stash for so long, it has developed lines along some of the folded edges.  Luckily, I have about 6 yards of the fabric so I'm hoping I can work around the fade lines.  I'm not sure of the fabric content - it's either a linen or a silk - it feels more like a silk though but who knows!  The buttons are from the stash as well.  They are hand blown glass buttons in a darker blue, with light blue specs in them.  Not sure where I picked them up, but I know I've had them for quite a while too.

I mentioned above that this month would be a two-fer project.  Along with  MAGAM Challenge project, this will count towards crossing another item off of the Sew '16 Challenge as well.  My main focus for this year is to rid myself of UFO projects (which, they are coming along slooooowwllly!) - but this dress will cross off the "Sew Less Frosting" item from the list.  I do tend to get carried away with trims and buttons and various embellishments on my garments so for me, this will be a plain Jane dress.

That's it for today - gotta get started on cutting this dress out!

Happy sewing everyone!



  1. Hi Star, sometimes we all need plain things. Mind you, I can see you doing something creative along the fold lines if you can't work around them...

  2. Looking forward to seeing this done. Pale blue is one of my favourite colours! Love your pattern, it's very you :)