Sunday, September 4, 2016

Sewaking and September Sew for 30 progress

Introducing the new sport of Sewaking
Sewing and Kayaking combined!

Yesterday, the DH and I took the kayaks out on our favorite lake for a paddle about.  Whilst taking a break in the middle of the lake, I got out the latest issue of Threads magazine and had a quick read of the Artistic buttonholes article.  I especially like the checkered buttonhole technique and can see that idea being used on a jacket in my future.

As for my September Sew for 30 progress - the turtleneck is almost finished - just needs a hem.  The All together bags are coming along nicely with the 3 of them half-finished here.  And, the wedding gown is coming out of the box!!!

Hope your sewing plans are going well!




  1. Star, that really does look fun! I only went kayaking once (and I was better at paddling than my husband!!). It is so enjoyable. And that is a great issue of threads - just got mine last week as well. The buttonhole article is great, as is the one about the cuffs on the red jacket.

  2. Just showed this to my DH and he laughed out loud knowing that he can't tear my Threads mag out of my hands when it arrives.