Sunday, February 9, 2014

Simplicity 9669

Here is a lovely vintage pattern from 1971 - Simplicity 9669.  I seem to have a thing for patterns from 1971 lately - see my blue coat post here.  I don't recall how I ended up with this pattern, but it sure is a cute one!

Pattern front
I made View 2 - the shorter cape version with 4 buttons on the upper left of the front.  I had some cheap black/red/white woven plaid type material in my stash that I wanted to get rid of and thought this would be the perfect pattern to try it out on. The cape required a little more than 3 yards and that's about what I had so I was in luck! I already had some black rayon lining in my stash as well and with some buttons to suit on hand as well, this project didn't cost me anything!

I know what your thinking - "It had to cost something - where did you get the supplies from to start with?!". Well, here's my way of thinking - if the fabric, trim, button, etc. has been in your stash and adequately aged for more than 2 years (meaning, you can no longer remember the cost of it), then it's free!

Pattern Back

For a free garment, I think it turned out quite cute!  I had debated whether or not to add some 1" wide red ribbon near the bottom of the cape, but decided against it when I pinned on the ribbon as an experiment and the dear husband walked in and commented that he thought it made the cape "look cheap".

Here's the back view.  Kinda makes you feel like a superhero in a cape!

Until next time!
Happy Sewing!