Wednesday, February 4, 2015

New Ironing Board cover inspired complete room redo!

Thank you to Winter Queen who was the inspiration behind this update.  Her ironing board cover was so adorable, it inspired me to update my old, dirty cover - which lead to a complete room revamp!

Let's start with the old ironing board cover - well worn and in desperate need of a redo.

Actually, the whole room could use an update dontchathink?!?!

I was't wild about the border print anymore (sorry for the pun but I couldn't resist).

And you'd think after 10 years, I could have corrected the height of the canvas on the right.  

 The organizer could use a bit of organizing....

And the rug runner needs to run somewhere else.

Out comes the Tate Gallery London shirt (my one and only painting shirt.  In fact, the husband gets nervous when he see's it surface because he knows a change in coming and his handiwork might be required).

First, I need some fun fabric for the ironing board.  This has been in the stash for a few years just waiting for the perfect project and this is it.

Using the old cover as a pattern, I folded it in half and added 2.5 inches to the sides.  

Next, serge the edges, fold over 1/2" and sew around to make a casing for the cording.  Thread in some old cording and add a cordlock, 

And voila!  A super cute new cover!  

But I couldn't put that cute ironing board back into that old room so I needed to find some new stuff. Here comes some new artwork courtesy of The Salvation Army thrift store.  

I didn't pay the $95.00 as indicated on the original price tag.  It was at Salvation Army for $24.50 and that particular day, it was 50% off, so I paid $12.25.  What a steal!

It had a few scratches on the side that I sanded out and spray painted the frame orange.

The room needed some color so I got to work.   Stripping off the wallpaper border, patching holes and taping tight spots.

The dear husband had a job too.  I wanted some new pendant lighting directly above the ironing board so I can actually see what I was ironing.

Here's one of the lights fitted.  And my new white and green paint on the walls. 

And the finished product!  Much for light and bright in here! 

Turned out the organizer wasn't working anymore so I moved this artwork from elsewhere in my house to here and it works out great!

A new fun rug and we're all done!

Doesn't it look great!  The dear husband installed a new outlet just above the ironing board too that incorporates some USB plugs so I can charge my phone in here too!

So of course this is going to be a stashbusting project too.  This adds another 1.25 yards to the total for a YTD total of 5 yards!  Yippee!!

Happy Sewing everyone!



  1. Wonderful! What a bright cheery place to get creative! Love it.

  2. I think the old had charm, but I love the bright new decor.

  3. Love the green wall and the rug is wonderful, but the fabric for the ironing board cover is absolutely perfect!! Must make you smile every time you see it.

  4. Great to see the complete result! Loving those pendant lights and that rug runner! Everything has come together so well. Sadly I only got as far as updating my cover as other rooms took priority but I couldn't leave it any longer; it looked just like yours used to! :)x

    1. Thanks Dawn! I am very happy with how it turned out and really can't believe that my cover was that bad now that I'm looking back on it.

    2. I know! Why do we leave these things so long?!hhaha ;)x