Wednesday, April 6, 2016

New Notion - Seam Fix Tool

I recently purchased this new sewing notion called "Seam fix".  It's a seam ripper with a rubbery thing-a-ma-bob on the top that is quite handy!  

Here's how it works.  First - rip out your hem (or seam) as you normally would and you are left with threads everywhere.

Using the purple rubber end, rub that end back and forth over the threads....

And voila!  You are left with a small pile of threads and none to pick out by hand!

Using this new notion also brought to my attention just how dull my old seam ripper was.  This one cut thru those threads like butter!  If you haven't purchased a new seam ripper in a number of years, I'd highly recommend buying one of these.

Happy sewing everyone!