Saturday, October 22, 2016

It's all in the pattern.....and other updates....

I am excited to say my October "One" challenge is complete and this is truly the "One" workout pant pattern for me!  I am lovin my new Jalie Cora's!!!  Finally, a workout pant that didn't end up in the bin!


For these pants, I used some red and black animal print, combined with some black spandex and some black power mesh for the calf portion.  I couldn't determine if the red and black print is supposed to resemble snake skin or alligator, but whatever it is, I took great care to make sure the front panels were matching when cutting them out.  

The pant back incorporates a pocket into the lower back area.  I lined the pocket using the same red/black animal print as the front.

Here's a close-up of the pocket.  I'm not a runner so I'm not really sure if I will actually ever use the pocket, but it does add a bit of interest.  For my next pair, I will probably just skip the pocket entirely.

I traced the size "V" and shortened the length by 2 inches.  Other than that, there were not other changes made.  I love the fit of the waist as it is nice and snug and doesn't droop at the back.

For my next pair, I will try using a 1" elastic instead of the 1/2" that I used in these. The 1/2" elastic works, but I'd like to see what difference the 1" elastic makes in the look and feel.   And for the pair after that, I'll try 1 1/2" elastic, and for the pair after that.....well, you can see I really like this pattern.  I can see ALOT of these pants in my future.  I have three pairs of existing pants that I really like the print, but I am just constantly tugging and pulling on them so I'll be upcycling them into some Cora's in the future.

For everyone keeping track, here are the latest yardage stats:
Total yardage for the Jalie Cora = 1 yard
YTD Total = 96.125.  I'm getting ever closer to that 100 yard line!!

Halloween Costume Update

How about an update on the Halloween Costume with the latest progress photos:

Here is the basic shape.  Remember - the theme is "TV".  Any guesses?

Next, we have the border added to the sides.  Any ideas now?

How about now?  It still needs it's "filling" but any guesses at this stage?

That's it for this week everyone!

Happy sewing!



  1. A TV dinner! Very cute. Love your Coras!

  2. Those pants are great Star - the fit is superb, and so smart. And they don't look like they are going to fall to pieces either. The one inch elastic sounds a great idea - be more snug and comfortable, I would think.

    1. Thanks Sarah Liz! I am so excited about them I almost can't stand it!

  3. TV dinner made me giggle. The pants look great

    1. Thanks! Stay tuned for the final costume update this weekend.

  4. These are amazing, no wonder you are pleased with them. Back pocket is a great idea for joggers! Love your choice of fabric; fun print for a hopefully fun workout!!