Sunday, March 5, 2017

Vogue 9077 - February MAGAM Finished!

Vogue 9077 - my February MAGAM Challenge project is finally completed and I couldn't be happier with it.  Now if the weather would finally warm up a bit, I could actually wear it!   After the weather turned from rain, to hail to snow, I gave up on the chance of any outdoor pics today.  Of course now that I'm uploading everything, the sun is shining!  

This dress went together fairly easily.  The skirt portion is a four panel skirt....

 With in-seam pockets....

The back skirt has 4 panels as well, with a long center pleat on the top bodice portion.....

All those panels in the skirt creates a great twirl factor.....

I added green trim to the accent pieces on the collar, fronts and all down the front of the placket, which I also extended to the bottom of the dress.  The original button placket ends somewhere around crotch level, which seems like an odd spot to end, so I just decided to keep going to the bottom.   Oh, and I just happened to have that purple belt from another dress that matches perfectly!   

You might also notice that my version is sleeveless. I pinned one sleeve on to see what it would look like, and I didn't like it.  The fabric is very, very busy and adding more of it for sleeves just seemed to be too much.

Also, I didn't like where the armcap ended for a sleeveless version so decided to cut it in quite a bit.  The original shoulder seam on the right below is 6" long.  I cut my sleeveless version down to a  3" seam and tapered down to the bottom of the armhole.

I will get lots of wear out of this dress in the warmer months.  It's comfortable to wear and I really like the extra touches of green trim.  It took several fabric store journeys to find the perfect buttons and these are perfect!

Both fabrics for this dress are rayon and came from the stash - so of course they are getting counted in my new running total for this year.  I've hit the double digit mark finally!

2017 Stashbustin Total so far:
5 yards for this dress
12.125 yards YTD

I'm off to a slow sewing start to the year, but I have alot of things already cut out and ready to sew - it's just time that I need (like everyone else!) to get them done.

That's it for now!  Happy sewing everyone!



  1. This dress is perfect. I think you could wear it in an office, it looks so smart. I agree, the placket needs to run right down the dress, especially with the striking trim you used. Six inches for a shoulder seems rather excessive.

  2. It's a lovely dress, and amazing twirl factor. Perfect for February's MAGAM fitting theme. Hope it warms up soon! TS

  3. This is lovely. The accent colours make it pop! Love the how the collar trim lines up with the bodice. Oh and it was those buttons I noticed first so it was worth all the journeys to find them!