Saturday, December 2, 2017

My Two Minutes of Fame and Some New Projects

Fame - the condition of being known or talked about by many people, especially on account of notable achievements!  Whoop!  Whoop! Hahahah!

The most recent Love to Sew Podcast Episode 17: How Big is your Pattern Stash? plays my voicemail that was almost 2 minutes long!  Yippee!  I encourage you to click on over to their website and listen to the episode (along with other episodes).  Episode 17 not only plays my tips for pattern organization (starting at 26:43), but the episode is almost 1.5 hours long and chock full of pattern organization ideas, Indie vs. Big 4 question (or I guess it's the Big 1 question  now), paper vs. pdf and Helen and Caroline comment on how many of their patterns they have actually sewn (something I dare not even think about!).  I think I'm more of a pattern collector rather than active pattern sewist - I would hate to think what percentage of my patterns I have actually sewn.  And if their opening jingle doesn't put you in a good mood - I really don't what what will!  It's just the cutest tune!  Also - here's a link to my blogpost a few years ago that talks about how I use Tap Forms for on-the-go pattern organization.  

Some New Projects

I must admit that I've been bitten by the "Clean Out" bug and the "Home DIY" bug recently and my sewing projects have been progressing along slower than normal.  But that's ok.  It feel great to get rid of stuff we no longer need and look at clean and organized closets and cupboards!  And I've had a can of paint for two years now that was bought to bring some new life to our master bath's cabinets and it has finally been opened and applied!  So in-between waiting for the paint to dry and piling stuff in the car to take to the charity shop - here's what I've been up to.

Some new pajamas!  Two pair to be exact - using my favorite pj pattern - McCall's 3017.

Both fabrics I recently purchased at Joann's when they were having a sale on flannel.  I'm a sucker for cute pj flannel prints!  This first one features VW vans with colorful banners.  I thought the overlapping rick rack on the collar mimicked the banners. 

And I used different colored buttons down the front to match the VW vans.  

The second print is so stinkin cute I can't stand it!  It features London icons!  I couldn't pass this print up at the sale!  

For the collar, I trimmed with some black piping I had in the stash. 

 I had to make room in my pj cupboard for these two new additions which meant getting rid of a few older pairs.  That's ok - they were pretty worn out and let's face it - if I'm not going anywhere on the weekend, I will stay in pj's all day long!  I just love them!

Next, I've been sewing on two new pairs of Jalie Cora's. Both of these crazy prints have been in the stash for awhile.

And I practiced more with the coverstitch machine and wooly nylon thread.

Here's the back view where you can see the mesh fabrics at the calf area.

Every seam except the inner leg seam (the last one sewn) is finished with the coverstitch machine.  That's a whole lotta wooly nylon on these!

So with these two latest projects - where am I with the Stashbustin stats?  I'm getting closer to the 100 yard goal.....

Pajamas = 5 yards each so that's a total of 10 yards
Jalie Cora workout pants = 1 yard each and that's a total of 2 yards
Adding 12 yards to my total brings me up to 87.41 yards to date!

What's Next?

My next project is going to be a lined dress - Vogue V1233 - a Pamella Roland design.  Both of these fabrics I've had in the stash for a long time and they were both purchased at the sewing guild's garage sale.  The one on the left is a polyester that I'll use for the lining and the one on the right is a wool blend for the outside.  I love working with wool, but my skin doesn't like it so we'll see how this one turns out.  I've already opted not to include the sleeves as they just look too tight to me so I'll either wear a long sleeve turtleneck underneath or a dickie to keep that neckline from itching me to death!  I may have to make a dickie because I'm not sure they even exist anymore!

Close-up of the fabric.  It's a blue/black weave that's hard to see, but it's there!

That's it for me today!  Back to organizing and sewing in between!

Happy sewing everyone!



  1. Yay on the podcast! :)

    I was just thinking I need some fun pjs. Yours turned out really cute. Good luck on the upcoming pattern, it looks interesting!!