Sunday, March 18, 2018

My Electric Butterfly dress

I've nicknamed this dress "The Electric Butterfly".  Just check out this bright fabric!

This is McCall's 7429 - a knit dress with a twist at the front.  I purchased this lovely piece of knit at the sewing guild's spring event with Linda Lee last year.  There was only 2 yards of it and the pattern calls for 2 3/8 yards so I BARELY squeeked this dress out of the yardage I had.

My goal in laying out the pattern pieces was to have a green "butterfly line" be centered on the bodice front.  I achieved that pretty well, but there wasn't much fabric left for the back pieces.

So my backside has this "Butterfly stripe", going right across my tushy.  Oh well!

 I love the twist in the front.

Here's a side tushy view of that stripe placement.  It would fall across the fullest part of my backside too!

On Friday, I went to a sewing expo and found the perfect earrings for the dress.  These are made from butterfly wings!

The vendor assured me that no butterflies were harmed to make these earrings. They come from a zoo in South America.  When the butterflies die naturally, they are given to a local jewelry designer who then turns them into lovely pieces of jewelry.

As I was snapping my photos, the bee's in the neighboring rosemary bush were starting to take notice of either me, my dress or one of their insect cousins dangling from my ear lobes....

And that quickly ended the photo shoot!

That's it for me today.  I finally found the perfect buttons for my Vogue dress and it will be finished and posted next weekend and I've started The Liverpool Tunic by Amy Butler.  I'm gathering my supplies to finally start my first pair of jeans so stay tuned for those - I have high hopes for them! 

Latest Stashbustin' Stats:

Yardage for this dress = 2 yards
YTD yards sewn = 18.125 yards
Remaining yardage to reach 100 yard goal = 81.875 yards

Happy sewing everyone!



  1. This looks great on you! Love that knot detail,and the fabric is gorgeous. Plus you have the world’s best clog,collection!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks a bunch! I can’t wait to actually wear it!

  3. Your new dress is just beautiful Star - and I would not worry about the back, which I can't really see any problem with. I think the overall effect is what counts. I love your earrings, and the beautiful dry weather garden in the background of your photo.

    1. Thanks so much SarahLiz! I think once I actually wear it, I’ll feel more comfortable with the backside and I love my new earrings! It was pure coincidence that I found them.