Friday, May 11, 2018

Named Patterns - Kielo Wrap Dress

I loved the Kielo Wrap Dress by Named Patterns the moment I first saw the pattern.  And bonus - when I found this galaxy knit print at Girl Charlee - it was a match made in the heavens!  I decided to snap my photos at the crack of dawn this morning and I think it made a difference!

The fabric is a very lightweight knit with alot of stretch which will be perfect during our hot summer months.  

When cutting out the pattern, I double checked to make sure a major "galaxy" print wasn't placed on a prominent portion of my backside if you get my drift here.... I think the pattern placement worked out quite well.  Also - I raised the slit in the back by about 4 inches to allow for more leg moment.  You never know when I might need to run to catch a falling Star in this dress!  

The armholes were a bit low for me - probably because this knit has so much stretch.  I raised them up by one inch.  The neckline and armholes are finished using binding cut from the same fabric.   The instructions for the neckline and armholes could use some revamping - especially for the beginning sewist.  It wasn't clear how to properly finish the bottom of the armhole with the binding.  The armhole comes to a "V" at the bottom rather than a traditional rounded curve so trying to have your bindings overlap as with a rounded armhole is next to impossible.  

The pattern is drafted for someone that is about 7 feet tall too.  I ended up cutting 6 inches off of the length.  I know I'm not the tallest person in the world, but that's alot for me to cut off!

This dress is a fairly straight forward and simple project to sew.  The seam allowances are only 3/8 inch so that took a little reminding each time I put the fabric under the presser foot!


All in all - I'd say this dress is going to be a good one and get alot of wear this summertime.  I have version #2 on the cutting board at the moment too.  I may end up changing version #2 to a knee length dress, but I'll have to wait and see what it looks like.  And for everyone following along with my stashbustin quest - here's the latest....

Latest Stashbustin' Stats:

Yardage for this dress = 3 yards
YTD yards sewn = 37.375 yards
Remaining yardage to reach 100 yard goal = 62.625 yards

Happy sewing everyone!