Saturday, November 5, 2016

November MAGAM Determined

The theme for November's Make a Garment a Month is "Natural".  My garment is going to be a wool jacket using Simplicity 1320 and a jacket I pinned awhile ago on Pinterest as my inspiration.

Here's the Pin:

I'll use Simplicity 1320 as my pattern, View A:

And here's my selection of fabrics - both of them wools from the stash.  This is an unlined jacket, but I'll add a lining to it.  Linings make a jacket so much easier to get off and on I think.  

Close-up of the felted piece:

I'm pretty sure I purchased the felted piece at Joann's a few years ago and the plain black has been in the stash for awhile too.  They will make a great jacket when paired together.  Now I just need to find some buttons that will work!

Happy sewing everyone!


Sunday, October 30, 2016

Happy Halloween! - My TV Dinner Costume is complete!

Happy Halloween everyone!  The much anticipated completion of the TV Dinner costume is finally done and here it is!  It really does look like a Turkey and Stuffing TV Dinner!

For those of you following along on the costume progress - let's review from the beginning.  Here are most of my supplies.  I needed to add a few (such as the pillow stuffing for the mashed potatoes and the laptop strap for the strap system).  Most everything else is pictured here though.

Here we have the basic shape of the tray using pool noodles, pipe insulation, cardboard and lots and lots of duct tape.

Next came the "edge" for the tray - again using more cardboard and duct tape.

Covering the tray with gray felt:

Now we are moving onto the food portion of the costume.  Here are the "Peas and Carrots".  The peas are plastic eyeballs that are about the size of the ping pong ball.  The carrots are some square reusable ice cubes.  Both of these items were found at the dollar store.  

Finished spray painting.

And into the tray, securing them with the hot glue gun.

I am surprised at how much they really do look like peas and carrots!

Next came the cranberry sauce.  This is made using the burgundy colored cellophone wrap.  I just crinkled it and glued it in place using the hot glue gun.

Next came the mashed potatoes with a pat of butter on top.  The potatoes are made from the stuffing of an old pillow I had laying around.  The pat of butter is a piece of felt. 

And voila - last but not least - the turkey and stuffing!  The turkey slices are two pieces of felt and the stuffing is made from the small foam piece, cut into squares and then "toasted" using some more spray paint.  My Swanson hat is made from cardboard covered in green felt with the Swanson's logo glued to it.

The costume is held in place around my shoulders using a strap from an old laptop bag.

I added some rope and rings secured around the pool noodles before covering it with felt.  The laptop strap just clips into place on the rings.

Here is my original inspiration for the costume:

I think I came pretty close in the end!  Happy Halloween everyone!

Until next time, Keep on Sewing!


Saturday, October 22, 2016

It's all in the pattern.....and other updates....

I am excited to say my October "One" challenge is complete and this is truly the "One" workout pant pattern for me!  I am lovin my new Jalie Cora's!!!  Finally, a workout pant that didn't end up in the bin!


For these pants, I used some red and black animal print, combined with some black spandex and some black power mesh for the calf portion.  I couldn't determine if the red and black print is supposed to resemble snake skin or alligator, but whatever it is, I took great care to make sure the front panels were matching when cutting them out.  

The pant back incorporates a pocket into the lower back area.  I lined the pocket using the same red/black animal print as the front.

Here's a close-up of the pocket.  I'm not a runner so I'm not really sure if I will actually ever use the pocket, but it does add a bit of interest.  For my next pair, I will probably just skip the pocket entirely.

I traced the size "V" and shortened the length by 2 inches.  Other than that, there were not other changes made.  I love the fit of the waist as it is nice and snug and doesn't droop at the back.

For my next pair, I will try using a 1" elastic instead of the 1/2" that I used in these. The 1/2" elastic works, but I'd like to see what difference the 1" elastic makes in the look and feel.   And for the pair after that, I'll try 1 1/2" elastic, and for the pair after that.....well, you can see I really like this pattern.  I can see ALOT of these pants in my future.  I have three pairs of existing pants that I really like the print, but I am just constantly tugging and pulling on them so I'll be upcycling them into some Cora's in the future.

For everyone keeping track, here are the latest yardage stats:
Total yardage for the Jalie Cora = 1 yard
YTD Total = 96.125.  I'm getting ever closer to that 100 yard line!!

Halloween Costume Update

How about an update on the Halloween Costume with the latest progress photos:

Here is the basic shape.  Remember - the theme is "TV".  Any guesses?

Next, we have the border added to the sides.  Any ideas now?

How about now?  It still needs it's "filling" but any guesses at this stage?

That's it for this week everyone!

Happy sewing!


Sunday, October 9, 2016

October MAGAM determined, Pool noodle project and a Garment Bag completed

October MAGAM Determined - 

Hello everyone!  It's been over a week since my last post so I am way overdue for an update.  I've selected my "One" MAGAM project for October - which will be to make a pair of workout pants.  I know, I have tried to make workout pants before and failed miserably, but since then, I've read so many good things about the Jalie "Cora" pant, that I have a feeling this pattern just might be "The One!".

The fabric I will use for the Cora pants is some animal print poly/spandex along with some plain black spandex that I picked up during my last trip to Mill End fabrics in Reno.  The reviews I have read all say that the waist in the pattern runs small, which just might be perfect for me.  I prefer to have a tighter waist in my workout pants.  There is nothing worse that doing a few burpees and then having to keep pulling your pants up afterwards!!

Pool Noodle Project - 

I've collected all of the supplies I need for my Halloween costume this year.  Have I mentioned that at my employer - Halloween IS A BIG DEAL!!  The CEO does a company wide speech which everyone attends in full costume, everyone gets pizza for lunch and the decorations on each floor are awesome.  There are costume contests, decorating contests, pumpkin carving contests - you name it, we probably have it.  I won 1st place with my carrot costume a few years ago too!  Really no work gets done this day, but it's all in good fun.

The theme for my area this year is "TV".  So - with that being said, below are all of the supplies I need for my costume.  Do you have any ideas of what it might be?  Leave a guess below in the comments if you do.

My supplies are below:
- 2 pool noodles
- 3 pipe tubes of pipe insulation
- cardboard box
- Gray, tan and yellow felt
- Red cello wrap
- 3 sets of round eyeballs
- 1 bag of freezable ice cubes
- 2 cans of spray paint
- 1 small piece of foam used for a cushion

Garment Bag completed - 

And lastly, I finished the final item on my September Sew for 30 list of projects.  The garment bag is finally done!!  This was a pattern traced and given to me by a dear friend.  It's Butterick 4156.

It's made from a piece of cotton I've had in the stash for quite awhile.  I knew I would never make a garment out of this, but thought the print was so cute, it would be perfect for a garment bag.

Since I didn't have the pattern instructions, but the traced pattern, I had no idea of how much bias binding I needed - so I just started cutting out a bunch.  When I had a pile of what I thought would be enough, I started sewing.  In the end, I was 6 inches too short - not too bad for just guessing!  I just out another strip and finished the binding.

I added a 2 inch piece to the sides as well so I can carry more than one garment and items won't be flattened.

Here's the back view.  I sure I will get a TON of use out of this garment bag.  Each month I bring in Show and Tell items for my local sewing guild meeting and I'll no longer need to bring a clear plastic bag with me to cover my items.  Yippee!!  I'll finally have a garment bag to keep them neat and tidy while transporting.

The garment bag adds a total of 4 more yards to the Stashbustin quest - which brings my YTD Total up to 95.125 yards.  OMG - I am closing in on the 100 yard mark!!!!

That's it for me today.

Happy sewing everyone!


Friday, September 30, 2016

Final Project for September Sew for 30 - A Renaissance Revival Top

Project Number 9!!  Butterick 5925 - a Katherine Tilton top.  This is the second time I have used this pattern and I still love it.  First version can be seen here.  I call this version my Renaissance Revival top.

The fabrics and trims for this top all came from the stash.  The "faces" print, was purchased at the ASG Sewing Garage Sale earlier this year.  The polka dot used for the sleeves and pockets has been in the stash for a long time and the trims - well - one of them I know is older than I am as it was passed onto me from my grandmother.  

The "faces" fabric is very, very drapey, so I knew it would work well for this top. The polka dot fabric - not so drapey, but it's ok in the places I used it.  The "faces" fabric was just wide enough to cut out the front and back pieces - being extra careful of the face placement so one didn't fall on my boob or right in the middle of my backside!  I barely had enough fabric leftover to squeek out the one pocket front out of the faces fabric too.  

I am looking forward to wearing this top when our weather finally starts cooling down.  It was 89 degrees outside when my dear Mom snapped these pics and we were both starting to sweat - especially with leggings and boots on!  Thank goodness we found some shade in the backyard.

Here's the trim I mentioned earlier that is older than I am.  The neckline and one of the pockets is trimmed with it and I think the bronze portion of the trim is made from actual metal!  It's a bit scratchy and it has sharp edges to it.  I sewed the entire neckline trim on by hand as my machine was having nothing to do with it.  This top will have to be a handwash only item as I'm sure this trim would snag the rest of the garment if it went thru a regular wash.  Who knows - it's so old that it might just fall apart the first time it is washed too!

Here the pocket front cut from the faces fabric.  It too is trimmed with the metal braid.  

The other pocket edge is trimmed with the faces fabric and if you can believe this - that fancy trim on the edge - well - I had a 1/2 inch to spare on that piece - which means it was meant to be!  I think it was leftover from a pillow I made years ago.

I've done fairly good this month for the September Sew for 30 projects.  I've completed 9 out of the 10 I had planned.  The only item left is the garment bag - which is cut out and the bias tape completed - I just need to sew it together.  Hoping to finish that one this weekend and then I'm onto other projects.

I hope everyone has enjoyed incorporating 30 minutes a day of sewing into their schedule.  I know I have - especially after my nearly two hour commute home on Wednesday due to an accident and traffic jam - I couldn't wait to relax a bit in front of the sewing machine.

Here are the stats for this project:
Total yardage for this top = 2 yards
Total YTD yardage = 91.125

Happy sewing everyone!


Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Simplicity 2281 (Again!) and some Christmas Projects finished

Here are projects number 6, 7 & 8 for September Sew for 30.

Number 6 is Simplicity 2281 - A Cynthia Rowley dress that I modified into a blouse instead.  I really, really like this top.  This is the second version I have made and this green is such a bright and cheerful color too.

I first made this top a few months ago in a dark blue version and here's where I can demonstrate the importance of not skipping the stay stitching step when the pattern calls for it.  See how low the armhole is in the blue version when compared to the green?  I did not stay stitch the armhole on the blue and it stretched quite a bit whilst sewing. The green armhole is much higher - and they are both using the same pattern and pretty much the same fabrics.  The only difference is the stay stitching.  Note to self - DON'T SKIP THE STAY STITCHING INSTRUCTIONS TO SAVE TIME!

Back view - the neck has ties - can't get much simpler than that!

Project Number 7 is the completion of the "Christmas Woolies" ornaments.  I only had two more to finish before I could call this project complete and now - it's COMPLETE!!  Another UFO done! These are going to look so cute on my Christmas tree dedicated to handmade ornaments only (Yes, I have a separate tree for these!).

And Project Number 8 was another Christmas UFO started a few months ago but never completed.  This was an advent calendar panel that I picked up in England last year while on vacation.  There is a little stocking for each day of the month.  The DH will be much happier with the size of the goodies I can put in this advent calendar in comparison to my old quilted wall calendar.  Bring on the Chocolate!!!

Just two more projects to go to complete my list of September Sew for 30 items - the faces top and the garment bag.  This month has been super productive for me and I can see sewing for at least 30 minutes a day as something that is easy (at least on most days), to incorporate into my daily routine and I look forward to continuing it for as long as possible - I think I've formed a new habit here in the process! 

Here are the updated stats for those of you playing along!
Yardage stats:
Blouse = 2.5
Advent Garland = 2 yards
Total YTD = 89.125

Happy sewing everyone!


Friday, September 23, 2016

Something old to something new

Project number five for September Sew for 30 is a recycled project.  I had made Simplicity 1881 - the dress on the left a few years ago and always felt like I was wearing a circus tent.  I really liked the dot print and couldn't bear to throw it out, so I decided to remake the dress into something new.  Here is McCall's 6745 on the right - with a gathered skirt rather than the pleated skirt as seen on the pattern envelope.

The old dress was trimmed in this colorful piping - which I reused on the new dress too.  I still had some of the original green linen in the stash that I used on the first dress so I used it for the halter portion, paired with some black cotton from the stash for the waistband.

Back view.  It's a simple halter top with a regular zipper.  I didn't have an invisible zipper in the stash that matched, so I just opted for a regular zipper.

The straps have pant hooks and eyes at the back neck.  I find pant hooks to be much more comfortable against the neck when compared to smaller hooks and eyes.

I added a fun stacked button on the outside of the top strap.

Now that the dress is completed, I'm not sure which version I actually like better.  I'm leaning towards the first version more I think.  Anyways, it's too late to change it again as I'm thrown out the top portion to the old dress so I guess I'm sticking with the new one!  Even if I only wear it a few times, it will be worth it.

The top halter portion adds to the stashbustin' quest too!

Total yardage for the new top portion = 1 yard
YTD total = 84.625 yards

Happy sewing everyone!