Thursday, January 9, 2014

Sewing Organization Tip #4

I love Independent Patterns and have accumulated quite a few.  I described in my first Organizing post how I use binders for storing a record of all of my patterns.  I had many pattern boxes labeled "Miscellaneous", "Various", and "Various 2".  Well, I realized I was wasting too much time looking thru all of these boxes trying to find the correct Independent Pattern that I wanted so something needed to change.

My Mom was coming down for the weekend so I decided to task her with the sorting project.  Her job was to organize all of the independents according to their company name and alphabetize.  Independents like The Sewing Workshop that I have alot of patterns got their own box.  Every other company is organized in the A - Z boxes.  Now when I need one of these patterns, I can quickly go to the correct box!

Thanks Mom!

These might not be the prettiest boxes, but at least they are now organized.  Maybe I should recover the boxes and make them pretty?  Another thing to add to the "To do list" I guess.

Tomorrow's topic - Buttons and Hooks and Snaps - Oh My!

Happy Sewing!

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