Friday, January 10, 2014

Sewing Organization Tip #5

Buttons and Hooks and Snaps - Oh My!

I'm sure you've had a button box.  I remember as a kid looking thru my Grandmother's button box trying to find the perfect match for a garment she was making for me.  I would occasionally come across various hooks and snaps in the box too.  This task used to keep me entertained for a while as a kid, but now I need to find what I need quickly and not dig thru multiple boxes for the right item.

As I mentioned in my earlier post of the wonderful neighbor, I have alot of buttons, snaps, hooks and eyes, grommets, needles, beads, etc.  Basically, if it's sewing related and comes on a card or in a small box, chances are that I have alot of them.  So again, what to do with all of them?

My solution:  The Nuts and Bolts bins you purchase at the hardware store.

I have four of them and they hold all of my buttons (color coded of course!), snaps, hooks and eyes, beads, needles, etc.  Pretty much everything that is small and needs a home, ends up in one of these bins.

Anyone need a snap for jeans?  They have their own little drawer

How about some black buttons?

Or some red, white and blue snaps?
These bins are kept in my closet and help to keep everything organized and dust free.  Now when I need something, I just head there first and chances are I have what I need without another trip to the store.

These bins are anywhere from $10 - $25 in the hardware store.  They may not look very pretty, but they work perfectly for this job.  Once the crafting industry gets wind of this idea, I'm sure they will start being manufactured in pretty colors and cost twice as much!

Tomorrow's topic - My desk is a mess!

Happy Sewing!