Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Vogue 1331 - Fit Test

Remember the muslin?  I was holding out hope that the muslin's nice drape would look better in the finished product, but I was sadly mistaken.

See those nice folds in the back?

Well I knew that something needed to change when the dear husband walks in and says "OMG that's huge!  I've seen tents for sale smaller than that!"   It's a good thing I can take criticism - because he was right!  Sadly, my hope for the nice drapey look didn't carry over to the final product - which I kinda figured it wouldn't anyways, but was holding onto a thread of hope just in case.

So, let's start taking this in and see what happens.  Here I'm pinching about 4 inches on each side.

Hmm, might look better huh?

Don't laugh at my crooked sewing here, but remember, this is just basted together so far.  Here you can see the original stitching at the side seam (in green thread) and it was huge.  First attempt was the next row of purple stitching - still to big.  Second attempt - is the next row of stitching - now it's looking much better.

I ended up taking in the sides 2 inches at the underarm tapering down to 8 inches at the hem.  So if we do the math, that's a total of 8 inches at the bust and 32 inches at the bottom hem.  Considering I normally sew a size 12 pattern and I cut this one out in a size 6 pattern instead, this is still alot of fabric to take in!  The pattern description is "very loose fitting", but that's an understatement I can assure you. Maybe the inspiration behind the original design by Koos came from Mother Ginger in the Nutcracker?  I however, not having any children of my own, don't need the extra room to house anyone.

Now that it's taken in, it resembles more of a rectangular box rather than a tent.  Still oversided by my standards, but at least the extra room for children is removed.

Looks much better on the side too I think.   

I'm holding off on the sleeves for now because I'm sure that one will be a fitting disaster too so I need something fun in the meantime. Time to play with different thread combinations for the cut outs.

Until next time - Happy Sewing!

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