Thursday, October 23, 2014

Vogue 1331 - The Lining

Now that I have the sleeve situation figured out, I can move onto the lining.  The jacket pattern doesn't come with lining pattern pieces so I decided to draft them myself.  I really wanted to use this cool tie dye lining fabric leftover from a previous project, but of course there wasn't enough to do the entire lining so I needed to piece it somehow.  I decided to sew big V's in the upper front and upper back pieces.  The remaining lining will be cut from an off-white piece that I already had in my stash too.  Below are the upper back and upper front pieces.

There was just enough room to squeeze in the sleeves too.

Here it is sewn up.  Back view here.

And the front.  I needed to add a facing too because on the original jacket - the overlay is wrapped around to the front and stitched down so there is no facing in the original style at all.

I added a piece of turquoise accent between the facing and the lining.

And guess what that accent piece was?  A piece of double fold bias tape I cut in half and sandwiched in between.

Here's the side view - I'm quite happy with how the V's line up on the sides.

Up next - take the main jacket apart and start really sewing everything together.  It's just basted together at the moment.  And - decide on some buttons.

Until next time - Happy Sewing!


  1. I am thoroughly enjoying reading about the construction process of what will be sure to be a work of art!