Tuesday, September 15, 2015

September MAGAM decided and a practice muslin made!

I completely missed the August MAGAM Challenge due to our never-ending house remodel so am hoping to make up for it with my September project.  I had previously posted that my September Sew for 30 projects consisted of the items in the picture below - so why not make one of them my September MAGAM?

So - here's my project - using the blue and green floral linen pictured at the top of the photo, I'll be combining the top of Butterick dress 5353 with the bottom of New Look 6224 for what will hopefully be a nice combination in a dress.  

Here's my practice muslin - a bit frumpy to start with:

Too much gaping at the sides:

The frumpiness continues to the back:

And some major gaping at the back:

But with some pinning at the sides we are getting there.

There - that's much better:

And the pinned back - much more fitted than the original.  Now, I'll transfer those alterations to the pattern and see what happens!

I pose a question to my lovely readers - how long does a piece of fabric need to be in your possession before you consider it part of your stash?  One month, 2 months, 6 months, a year?  Or, if you just bought the fabric with no particular project in mind and it has been sitting around for awhile, should it be considered now "part of the stash"?  What do you think?

Happy sewing everyone!



  1. I think your chosen fabric is much nicer than that worn by Miss Frump - it's going to be happy and suit you nicely. The fit is so much better - muslins are hardwork, but really are quite necessary sometimes.

    Fabric becomes stash as far as I am concerned if I don't immediately make it up. If I plan to make it in a a project or two's time it becomes interim stash, because I know from experience, it's likely to make it all the way to full blown stash by the end of the season :)

  2. I don't know. I sometimes buy things with a project in mind, but that often changes as soon as I get home! I frequently dither between a new purpose-bought fabric, then change my mind completely and use a stash fabric. I really have a stash because I love buying fabric! I buy patterns to 'use up' the fabric more often than not. Sometimes I buy because of a particular and unusual design, but not as often. I'm not really a pattern stashed,though I hang on to them a long time. My ideas, my fabric and my patterns marinade for a while and then, Voila!, a garment is born. ��

  3. To me, a stash becomes stash if you don't use it straight away. I usually buy purposely for a project but sometimes I change my mind. That then becomes stash. Mine is very limited... but im working on that lol :) x