Saturday, February 6, 2016

Burda "French" Skirt with Godet

This skirt is from the Burda Magazine - August 2012 issue - #112.  I call it my "French" skirt because I remember this issue of the magazine was focusing on French style at the time. I've made this skirt twice before using a plain black wool and a woven plaid wool.  This version however, has been lurking in the closet as a UFO in the project bin for quite awhile.

I'm not sure why it took me so long to finish because I found the perfect piece of jewelry to compliment it a few years ago.... I mean really - could a necklace match better than this with all of those different colors??

The skirt is fully lined.  I used a plain black rayon lining on this one so nothing fancy this time to show on the inside.

I bought the "fabric" from a thrift store and at the time, it was a women's jumpsuit.  Here's the right side of the fabric - rather boring I think...

When I looked at the inside of the jumpsuit - this is what the wrong side looked like - much, much more interesting.  

There are so many colors in the skirt, the color pairing options are endless.  Here it is with a purple sweater and McCall's 6844 cardigan.

The skirt pattern is a variation on a pencil skirt.  You can see from the back the pencil shape.  The godet added to the front gives it more room to move than the average pencil skirt.  

I decided to cut the godet fabric against the grainline to add a little more interest.  Sorry - it's a bit wrinkly but this is after wearing it all day at work. 

I made this skirt about 2 inches shorter than my other two versions.  Here's a comparison of all three skirts.  Black one is a bit wrinkly from being smashed in the closet....

 On the plaid skirt, I used a reverse on the godet portion too.

Voila!  Another completed alien!!

I'm counting this towards the stashbustin total too.  Total guesstimate on the yardage is 1.5 for the skirt and 1.5 for the lining = 3 yards total for the skirt.  This brings the YTD total to 7.375 yards.  A bit of a slow start to the year, but I'm getting there.

That's it for now.
Happy Sewing everyone!


  1. This is totally gorgeous - I love the reverse of the fabric. And while all your versions are lovely, I think this is my favourite :)

  2. Wonderful skirt and awesome use of previously loved fabric!

  3. I love them all! Totally agree that the "wrong" side of your fabric is much, much nicer :) x

  4. Your skirts are beautiful , especially the newest one. I too love lots of color and patterns. I am considering purchasing a dress form. Can I ask what kind you have the skirts on? Thanks

    1. Thanks Jane. That particular dress form has the collapsible shoulders which is very handy. You can pad out the rest of the form to get the perfect fit.