Sunday, March 6, 2016

February MAGAM Challenge Finished - Half successful.....

February's MAGAM Challenge was a double whammy for me.  One of my goals for this year was to make my own workout wear and with the theme for the month being "Freaky Fearful February" it was time to give workout wear a try.  And I did give it a try....but it didn't end well.....I am very thankful I was using old scrap fabric for this trial pair rather than some good stuff.

Using Butterick 6295 as my pattern, the workout pants started out ok.

But when I tried them on the first time, I found a hole in the front thigh.  I don't know if I accidentally cut the hole or if it was in the fabric to start with.  Regardless - there it is...

And, the bottoms were so big from the hips to the waist, that I started taking them in on the serger with reckless abandon. Now the one piece yoke in the back had a seam up the middle and the seams didn't line up properly with my careless sewing.  And the front - well - let's just say without a gusset in the pattern it was starting to creep into places it wasn't meant to just during the try-on stage.  I'd hate to imagine where they'd end up during a workout!  At this point I still had the waistband to put on - which was now way too big.  And to top it off - the white fabric was completely see thru!  There was no way I was going to ever wear these so into the bin they went!!  I'll be purchasing myself a Jalie pattern with a gusset for my next trial pair....I hear the Jalie Cora leggings are good....

I had much more success with the top pattern though. Here's the top (with purchased pants).

The top has a built in, lined shelf bra that can hold lightly padded cups.  This was a first for me.  I used completely the wrong fabrics for the shelf bra, but since this was my practice top, I didn't really care.

The straps criss-cross on the back.  There is a little gaping between the straps in the back though when my arms are raised up.  And, you can see a line where the shelf bra joins the casing for the elastic.  No big deal, but it's visible.

No gapping between the straps when the arms are down.

I did wear this top during a Boot Camp class on Monday and it was very comfortable.  No riding up when doing mountain climbers and no fidgeting with straps moving or falling off.  I used a narrow zig zag for the seams and they didn't pop and a double needle for the hem and it didn't pop or stretch out either.  I will be making this top again, but next time, I will sew the elastic directly to the shelf bra and eliminate the casing all together.

Total yardage used for top and bottom = 4.75
Total yardage YTD = 16.625

Happy Sewing everyone!



  1. Goodness, lucky you spotted the hole! That could have been awkward!!! Great top though. Fabulous for a first attempt. (and I swear you are getting slimmer by the month!)

  2. Star, you are looking amazing! It's so obvious you have been working hard to take care of yourself. Congratulations! Oh I love the top, and it seems like it will be comfortable when doing your workouts. Have you considered using fabric with wicking properties, now that you got the practice top under your belt? As for your pants, in workout gear, you need negative ease, and I think you're a lot smaller than you realize. Keep up the fabulous work. Your heart is thanking you!

    1. Thanks so much Dodo. I am going to venture into other fabric choices for future workout attire. And I think you are right about the sizing issue. Things are shifting around with all of this work and although the scale may not be moving much, the tape measure is! I turn 45 this coming Saturday and think I look ok! Thanks for the vote of confidence!

    2. Did you say 45 and mean 25? Please say yes! If not, damn girl, you're amazing!

    3. You are my new best friend!! Yes - 45 it is!

  3. Star, thank you for this post. I must say your first photo has been a familiar sight for me as well. I'm pretty sure we've all had those! But you had me hysterical with, "...I started taking them in on the serger with reckless abandon." I know that feeling too, so you must be a kindred spirit indeed! I'm sure I will be giggling at this again in the future, so thanks for your candor!

    1. Thanks Deborah. I find that laughing at your own mistakes makes them much easier to deal with. Sometimes the bin is the best option!