Sunday, September 30, 2018

3rd Quarter Goals update

It's the end of September and therefore, time for an update on my goals for this year.  Third quarter was a tough one for me sewing wise, due to our big house project that took up most of the time on the weekends for the months of July and August.  However, I did manage to tick off a few more items from the list though:

Garments to tackle:
Jeans - Done! Q2
Pants Done! Q3
- Something reversible
Sew more Burda patterns

Using up the stash:
- Sew 100 yards this year - In process! Currently at 85.05 yards sewn.
Sort thru scraps - Done! Q1
Sort thru all of my current stash.  Add all of the remaining pieces to the "Cora" app. - Done! Q1

- Track how much fabric I use/buy. - In process!
- Track spending. - In process!
- Track my pattern usage. - In process!

For fun:
- Redecorate the sewing room this year.Done! Q3

So far so good!  I'm moving right along!

Happy sewing everyone!


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