Sunday, October 7, 2018

Garbage can bound!

I should have known from the start that this dress would end up in the garbage can.  Here is all you are going to see of Vogue 9329 - a Marcy Tilton pattern.

There is nothing wrong with the pattern - I will actually sew it up again.  It was the fabric.  I just don't like it!  I purchased it from Girl Charlee and the fabric itself is good quality.  It's just the print that wasn't working for me.  Oh well - you sew and learn!

At least I could save my label.....

Oh well - You can't win them all!  I'm still adding this to the stats though - at least the fabric is now officially out of the stash! 

Latest Stashbustin' Stats:

Yardage for dress = 2.375 yards
YTD yards sewn = 90.05 yards
Remaining yardage to reach 100 yard goal = 9.95 yards

Happy sewing everyone!


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