Friday, July 13, 2018

June Ginger Jeans Journey - DONE!

Not to sound cheeky here - but there aren't too many things in the sewing world that intimate me.  I once made a bridal gown for a friend along with 10 bridesmaids dresses and 2 flower girls dresses all for the same wedding.  One of  the bridesmaids was expecting and one of them was overseas which required shipping a muslin back and forth for fitting purposes.  All of that turned out great, although I never want to see the color lilac again!  Hand pad stitched tailored jacket - bring it on.  Bound buttonholes - I love 'em!  However, put some denim and a jeans zipper in front of me, and I'm cowering in the corner begging for sewing mercy!

Well not any more - I. MADE. JEANS!!!!  Yes me - I really did!!!!  These are the Ginger Jeans by Closet Case patterns.  I made the high waisted, skinny leg version with just a few modifications and I survived!

Look Mom - no gapping at the back waist!!  The problem I always have with RTW jeans.  I love how Heather Lou has you baste the jeans together a few times during the sewing process to check for proper fit.  This helped a ton!  I ended up taking in the back booty seam 2 1/4 inches and adjusting the waistband accordingly to end the gaposis I was having at the center back.  I also added a little bit of width to the calf area on the legs.

And what do we have here?  Could that be stars on my back pockets?!??!?

Why yes it is!

Still no gaping - even when twisting at a funny angle...

Close-up of the top stitching on the front.  I used my old 7550 Pfaff to do all of the topstitching, including the bar tacks at the zipper area.  I knew my new Pfaff would complain with the topstitching so I didn't even try.  I couldn't sweet talk my old machine into sewing the bar tacks on the belt loops though - it was just way, way too thick for it.   Instead, I just topstitched back and forth a few times.

For the pockets, an Instagram reader suggested first stitching the design on a blank piece of paper with no thread.  Next, place the paper over your pockets and using chalk, draw on the stitched lines - the idea being that some of the chalk will go thru the holes to transfer the design onto the pocket.  Once I did this, I was able to see the design enough to go back with the chalk marker and trace them again giving a good solid line to follow for my final topstitching.

And voila - looks pretty darn good if you ask me!!

For the inside pockets and waistband, I used a fun polka dot quilting cotton I had in the stash.

And of course, don't forget to sew my label in the back of these guys!

Paraphrased from the back of the Ginger Jean instructions:
"Bravo!  I am now a sewing Ninja.  Jeans!  I made jeans!"

Latest Stashbustin' Stats:

Yardage for these fabulous jeans = 2 yards
YTD yards sewn = 48.25 yards
Remaining yardage to reach 100 yard goal = 51.75 yards

Happy sewing everyone!


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