Saturday, August 16, 2014

Modkid Madeline


This is the Madeline skirt by modkid sewing patterns.  The pattern includes four different skirt styles, each with knit yoga waistbands.  I selected View B - which is the version featured on the front of the pattern that you see here.

The front and back pieces are cut on the bias so they drape fairly nicely and stretch along with the waistband to pull the skirt on.  The two front "mock wraps" are finished on three sides and then sewn into the side seams and are held in place by the two buttons in the front.

This was my first time sewing a modkid pattern and the instructions are very clear - lots of pictures and explanations along the way.  I made a size Medium with no alterations which was surprising because I usually like a little longer skirt, but this one was the perfect length for me.

The instructions for measuring and cutting the waistband might seem a bit daunting for the beginning sewer, but if you read everything carefully and do the calculations using your own measurements, it turns out ok.

And here's my version.  It was a bit windy this day and the flaps on the skirt wouldn't lay flat.  I'll take some pictures inside to show you the detail.

Here's the skirt on my dress form.  Although this skirt is very comfy to wear, I feel that the waistband is just too big and too thick - it's a double fold of fabric that is folded down again to create the yoga waistband - this gives you a total of 4 layers of fabric at the waistline.  If I make this skirt again, I'll change the waistband so the folded down portion is not so big and bulky - I'd probably change it to just two layers with nothing folded over.

The skirt front and back pieces are finished with double fold bias tape.  To me, the side view looks a bit odd because the bias tape doesn't carry onto the hem of the mock wrap pieces - it just ends at the side seam.

 Here's a close-up of the buttons I used - I did manage to find the perfect combination!

Just a quick post for today.  This skirt was made a few years ago and thought I would share with everyone.

Until next time - Happy Sewing!