Monday, January 18, 2016

January MAGAM - Burda 7342 - Feelin' Kinda' Scottish?

My January MAGAM is a plaid skirt using Burda 7342.  I LOVE THIS PATTERN!!!!  In fact I like this pattern so much, I already have skirt #2 cut out!  It will be a basic black skirt with white topstitching.  

I got a little carried away with the fabric and decided to make a matching scarf.  

I'll probably wear a black sweater with this rather than the turtleneck below - the turtleneck is a bit baggy....

The wool plaid is very loosely woven so I interfaced the front and back yokes and added some seam tape along the stop seam lines to stop it from stretching.

Here's the skirt on Elizabeth.  The skirt took a few hours to lay out due to the plaid and wanting everything to line-up.  Also - there were two flaws in the fabric that I needed to work around.  As you can see, the front and back skirt portions are cut on the bias.

The right side plaid lines up, but the blue and gray plaid lines are alternating.  I think because the plaid isn't a mirror image of itself, I couldn't get this one side to line up properly.  The black lines are correct though.

The sides line-up:

The mock pocket flaps line-up:

Here's the back view:

After alot of pining, my invisible zipper lined up perfectly.

The left side plaids line up perfectly.

And here is Elizabeth sporting her new outfit - I think she likes it too!

I had some black fringey stuff left over from another project so I added it to the bottom of the scarf.

The lining is comprised of three different materials - a cotton on the top, a rayon on the bottom with a trim from the stash hand sewn between the two.

Here's the back view:

I first tried the to use the floral trim from above on the hemline, but it ended up being too stiff so I replaced it with some lace hem trim and it lays much better now.

Total yardage for this skirt = 4.375 yards.  Not a bad start to stashbustin 2016!

And, drum roll please......
I finished an alien project too!  Remember this blouse?  All I had to do is resew one of the button stacks and lower the armholes 1" each side.  Done!  One alien down, too many to go, but it's a start! My project wall now has a little more room on it.

Happy Sewing everyone!


  1. Gorgeous! You did such a magnificent skirt.

  2. Beautiful skirt and scarf! What a flattering yolk and bias flared style!

  3. Beautiful. May I ask why you used the trim between the two inside linings? The interfacing and seam tapes should prevent and stretching. You of course could always underline the yoke area too. Anywho, you did a beautiful job and I love the scarf! It's the perfect accessory!

    1. Thanks Dodo. I used the trim because I'm trying to use up more of my stash and because it looks pretty! It serves no other purpose.

  4. Great idea! In fact, if you don't mind, I would like to pass that tip along. Why hang on to those pretty bits, when we can enjoy wearing them on the inside. That is a reason to smile. Thank you so much. Can't wait to go through my trims now!

    1. Absolutely! It makes it extra nice when you take off the garment and see the prettiness on the inside. It's like a little secret that no one else can see.

  5. Star, the skirt is beautiful, inside and out. I always like the way you use such gorgeous finishes inside a garment. And the little finished alien is such an inspiration - the buttons absolutely make this garment.

  6. I love your choice of fabric, it's gorgeous. And what a great outfit it has made. Skirt is lovely on you!

  7. It's gorgeous and love the trim you added on the inside. It's beautiful inside and out!